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Avoid Gaining Those Holiday Pounds

Nov 23, 2011

Starting in November and all through January, the average person gains anywhere from 6-15 pounds. We all know what eating during the Holidays is like. Thanksgiving with family, a Christmas party here, a Christmas party there; Food is in front of us constantly.

Because of the ingredients used for the majority of these holiday feasts contain plenty of sugar, salts, and fats, it’s easy to lose control of what you are taking in versus the amount you are working it off via exercise.

Check out this article from Yahoo! Health, talking about the difference between our Thanksgiving meal in the present day compared to the lean meat and all-natural vegetable-laden meals of the past.

Without a doubt, keeping up with your workouts during the winter months is extremely important in order to avoid adding on those extra pounds. How often do we step on a scale to kick off the New Year and tell ourselves, “I need to work out.”?

When heading to those Holiday party's which will surely include plenty of snack foods and sweets, be sure to keep track of what you are consuming. Go for the meat and cheese tray and not the cookie platter. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, be sure to limit the amount of sugar-loaded treats you eat. Also make sure you hit up the veggies and do your best to have a balanced meal.

If you are going to fill up on food, make it the lean meats, veggies and not the pumpkin and apple pie!

The best way to avoid that sinking realization after a two month pig-out is to make sure you are staying consistent each and every week with your workouts. Fitness Together is here to help you stay on track and help shed those holiday pounds!!


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