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All You Need To Know About Your ASPIRE 8 Programming

Oct 12, 2011

Over the past month, we at Fitness Together have made several important changes as we move forward.

In our last blog posting, I discussed our PACK training. Now I'd like to give you the low-down on our ASPIRE 8 programming, which directly affects you, the client, and your one-on-one training sessions at FT Overland Park.

ASPIRE 8 is a specially designed training program which allows better accountability, tracking, progression, and organization for not only we as trainers, but you as the client.

One of the biggest benefits to ASPIRE 8 is the ability for us to program you out for 12 months at a time. In six week blocks, your programming and sessions are specifically designed and geared towards a particular goal or focus.

As you have all experienced, or new and revamped assessment process gives you an overall score, which is then calculated into how your ASPIRE 8 program will look.

Depending on your score, you will fall into a category of fitness level. The four levels are MOVE, ACTIVE, SPORT, and EXTREME.

Most of you have fallen into the ACTIVE level. The four fitness levels also line up directly with our programming in our PACK classes.

Within your categorized fitness level, we can then select a focus and program out based on that designation. You are programmed for six weeks. Upon the end of that six weeks, you will go through a mini assessment, which essentially resembles our original assessment process--including measurements, heart-rate determination both resting and after a 3 minute step test, as well as a pushup test.

Our plan is to take you through the full assessment, which will allow for a possible change in your scoring, every 6 months. Depending on the change in your score, we can then adjust your ASPIRE 8 programming moving forward.

The benefit, as stated above, is a much more organized and fluid tracking of your progression, as well as consistency within your training, particularly if you have a session(s) with a different or sub trainer.

For more questions, feel free to ask at any time! Check back next week for our latest blog entry!


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