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What's Your Personal Transformation?

Jun 23, 2020

In prior articles and videos, I have shared that I grew up the chubby kid always having to shop for the "husky" pants with my mom when it was time for back to school shopping. I was determined to figure out how to lose the fat and be one of those "fit people" from an early age. However, there was one problem. I had no idea what I was doing!

I had some decent success on my own, but finally at age 27 I decided to get this part of my life taken care of...I hired a professional personal trainer (actually a team of professional trainers and coaches) and entered an international physique transformation contest to hold me accountable.

In just 12 weeks I slashed by bodyfat percentage from over 25% to 5%, and won the contest! My coworkers and friends started asking me how in the world I made such an amazing transformation, and I started helping them make their own transformations sparking my career change from being a CPA to a Fitness Professional.

Now, at 45 years old and having helped thousands of men and women transform their bodies and health, I have realized that before you start any program to transform your body and your health, you need to first define what a successful transformation is to you.

For example, at age 27, it meant getting "shredded", having 6 pack abs and muscle popping out everywhere. lol. Now, at 45, I still care about how I look and am proud to say, I still sport a 6-pack :) However, with 3 kids, running 3 businesses, having to deal with early bone on bone arthritis and my hips and having different life goals and priorities looks a little different. For me, it's not only about looking great, but feeling great, being mobile, not spending all day in the gym or worrying about my meals and eating "perfectly", and having vibrant energy.

So, I'll ask, what does your ideal transformation look like? Is it like one of our clients Bill, a 57 year old executive who has been traveling non stop for the past 25 years and a trip to the doctor gave a wake up call that he must do something and soon, to now losing 20 lbs, being in the best shape of his life, and reconsidering if he is willing to risk his health any longer by traveling all the time?

Or, is it similar to Martha, one of our clients who is 93 and was having trouble getting out of her chair, who now not only pops out of her chair with ease, but is more mobile and than she has been in years.

Perhaps, it's similar to my recent story of knowing how to maintain a lean, fit physique, but being in pain daily for the past 15 years, to have finally figured out the right combination of exercise, stretching, and nutrition so I can not only stay fit and lean, but also be pain free, which if you have been in pain a long time, I can tell you is absolutely life changing!

I can't tell you what your ultimate transformation should be...Only you can, but some helpful advice would be to think about "If I could just go from _____ to _____ I would feel great about my body and health."

I'll share some specific strategies of how you can get from where you are and transform to where you want to go, but don't skip the step of defining where you want to go first!

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Regardless of your age, you CAN achieve your ultimate body and health transformation, but first you must define what that means to you!

Don't forget to be awesome today because you are!!



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