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How To Enjoy Vacation Without Destroying Your Body and Health Goals...

Jul 8, 2020

My wife, Emily, and I just went away for a long holiday weekend.

When I use to travel or go on vacation, I did one of two things...

1) Stay perfectly rigid on my eating and workout plan and resist all of the fun food and activities I really wanted to do. I felt proud could be so strict while everyone else was partaking I’m delicious food abs relaxation, but deep down inside I was miserable.

2) Throw all caution to the wind, not workout at all, eat and drink like I was Henry VIII, and loving about as much as a slug. I enjoyed in the moment for sure, but felt horrible physically, mentally, and emotionally after it was over and then when overdo it the opposite way to “make up for the damage” restructuring my calories really low and adding hours and hours of intense cardio. I would get back on shape, but never really felt good or satisfied about my fitness plan.

Low and behold, there is a third option!!

3) I had a delicious dinner last night with Emily consisting of some fresh poke, one of the best burgers I have had in my life along with some incredible fries, and a couple of glasses of red wine.

This morning I had an amazing workout and today I’ll enjoy some more delicious food and probably a few more adult beverages 😁.

Because I know what I am doing, and because Of what I have done consistently leading up to this vacation, I know I can relax and enjoy and have no damage to the progress I have made recently try with my physique and health and fitness program.

Yes, I changed my strategy, but more importantly, I changed my MINDSET. I didn’t HAVE to workout this morning...I was BLESSED to be able to workout on a different city, a different gym, and around different people.

I’m the past I would force myself to get the workouts in on the road...Now, working out on vacation or when traveling for business in a new gym with new equipment, and having the opportunity to meet new cool people has become one of my favorite things to do!!

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