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Strength Training Courtesy of a Good Personal Trainer in Johns Creek

Dec 9, 2013

Marathons are a popular activity in Georgia. This early, many are likely to be in training for the race slated on January 18, 2014 organized by the Museum of Aviation. Kelly Leighton of writes that strength training can help runners become more efficient.

While strength training will not have the same effect as logging mile repeats or long runs, it is still beneficial to runners. Leighton cites Doctor of Physical Therapy Robert Gorinski, who notes that strength training improves running efficiency.

“It's thought that proper strength training teaches the brain to generate power through the core and hips and transmit that distally to the lower leg and foot with less ‘energy leaks,’” he said. “At any given energy output, a muscle that is stronger will be more resistant to fatigue.

“Additionally, strength training can provide an outstanding conditioning effect that compliments running without the exact same wear-and-tear demands of running. There is very good evidence that strength training increasing the resiliency of muscles and tendons, making them more likely to hold up to the repetitive strain of running...”

While reasons vary, some runners consciously avoid lifting weights and other strength training workouts. These individuals simply prefer to be out in the open than confined in a room with a lot of weights and strength training equipment. On the other hand, some may have intentions to try strength training programs except that they are wary of the injuries that can be associated with these. After all, these workouts primarily involve weights, and not all of them may be capable of doing so.

However, runners may re-consider once they realize the magnitude of the benefits that strength training offers, including strong bone development, boosted stamina, and improved focus. Runners who are worried about injuries may consider enlisting the services of a personal trainer in Johns Creek to formulate a safe strength training program for them. Having a personal trainer can help the runner engage in better workout habits, including avoiding repetitions and insufficient rest between sets. Also, a personal trainer can customize a program according to the clients' physical strengths, which can help minimize occurrence of injuries.

Lifting weights is something that a few may find intimidating. However, as long as they engage in professional personal training in Johns Creek like the one offered at Fitness Together, they can achieve their goal of becoming truly marathon-ready. With the right kind of personal training, runners can expect a better performance during the marathon. Who knows, they may even end up as first-place winners at the race.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Strength training can help runners improve speed and prevent injuries,, 14 November 2013)


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