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Personal Training Studio Vs. Gym

Nov 22, 2012

Both the personal training studio and the gym have elements that make them beneficial to anyone looking to stay healthy and in shape. However, depending on your level of fitness experience or expertise, your commitment to working out, and your desire to achieve specific goals, you will have to determine which is the better option for you.

Personal Training Studio

A personal training studio is different from working with a personal trainer at a gym. Personal training studios can be anything from small spaces rented out, to working with a personal trainer at his or her home. Keep in mind, personal training does not rely on all the bells and whistles available at a gym. Rather than needing a variety of weight machines and treadmills, a personal trainer really only needs some free weights--dumbbells in varying weights, an exercise ball, and perhaps some resistance bands. Personal trainers come up with exercises for you that will most benefit your body and your fitness goals, so the exercises they plan do not necessarily rely on the machines you can use on your own. A personal training studio can be a cheaper option that working with a personal trainer at a gym. Whether the trainer is renting a space, or working from home, they will will have less overheads and can afford to work more inexpensively. A personal training studio also provides less distractions and privacy. A gym is loaded with things that distract you from focusing on your workout--tvs tuned to different channels, various machines, and people talking. A personal training studio cuts down on distractions, and also offers privacy. If you are new to exercise, or worried about people watching you get in shape, sometimes privacy can be a good thing, giving you the confidence you need to hit the gym on your own time.


Working out at a gym, rather than a personal training studio, has its benefits. If you are already a member at a gym, you may be able to get a deal working with one of their personal trainers. There are a large variety of machines that the personal trainer can use to help get you in shape, and when you learn using the machine, you can do the same workout on your own to stay in shape. If you prefer to be surrounded by people, working with a personal trainer at a gym is the perfect set up. You can get one-on-one training, but still have the comfort of company.

If you are looking to work with a personal trainer, carefully consider the difference between a personal training studio and the gym. While both have good merits, you need to determine which option works best for you and your lifestyle. If there is a personal training studio around the corner from your home, available for a low price, that might be the perfect option for you. However, you might be the kind of person who wants the convenience of hitting the gym immediately after work, so you need a personal trainer available at your normal gym, during the hours that work best for you.


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