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How to Benefit from One-on-One Personal Training

Oct 10, 2012

Personal training is one of the absolute best ways to attain your fitness and health goals. The one-on-one training is perhaps the greatest part of personal training since it allows your trainer to focus on you and helping you achieve your goals. Personal training doesn’t usually come cheap, however. Learn how to make the most of your one-on-one sessions and get your money’s worth while benefiting your workouts and overall health.

1. Work with the right trainer. If you and your trainer don’t hit it off, there’s a good chance you won’t benefit from the one-on-one personal training as much as you could. Always set up an introductory meeting before paying for a plan with a personal trainer. Take that time to discuss fitness and health goals, and how to achieve them. Make sure that the trainer is listening to you, and that you respect what they have to say. If you don’t seem to mesh well, keep looking for a personal trainer that you can enjoy working with.

2. Write it down. While there’s nothing wrong with taking mental notes during a personal training session, you should actually be writing down any questions that arise outside of your sessions. Unless you are a star, you probably won’t meet with your personal trainer everyday. The usual might be weekly or monthly, depending on your plan. During your regular workouts throughout the week, pay attention to any questions that might come up. Write them down so that you will remember to discuss with your personal trainer at your next session.

3. Make specific goals. You know you spent your money well when you see the results you wanted. Before beginning personal training Johns Creek, set specific goals with your trainer. Discuss them fully, write them down, and set periodic checkpoints to make sure you are on track. Make sure the goals are realistic and healthy. Hoping to lose fifty pounds in two months by meeting with your trainer once a week is not a realistic goal. Planning to lose fifteen pounds over a two month period of time by exercising daily, and checking in weekly for a personal training session, plus eating healthy, is an achievable, healthy goal.

4. Talk about it. Unless you communicate honestly with your trainer, they won’t be able to help you see results. During, or after, a workout, always tell your trainer how your body is feeling, and the strength of your motivation. Personal training is great for keeping you motivated, but you have to tell your trainer when you are feeling unmotivated and less than pumped for a workout. Your personal trainer will be able to move things around, tweak your routine, etc., to help re-motivate you and keep your body feeling healthy and strong.

If you are currently meeting with a personal trainer, or just thinking about working with one, use the above tips to make the most of your one-on-one personal training sessions with him or her.

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