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Good Nutrition is the Key to Weight Loss

Jan 31, 2013

In a society that’s driven by looks and body image, weight loss has become a more well known topic.. For a healthy body, however, weight loss might be exactly what you need. Some people can easily drop ten pounds when necessary, while others have to exercise like crazy and eat strange diets to drop just two pounds. Everyone’s body is different, but there is one key that fits them all: good nutrition. If you are looking to lose weight for your health, good nutrition is absolutely essential. What are some important aspects of good nutrition?

3 Keys To Weight Loss

  • Vegetables. Eat your vegetables might have been a common refrain while growing up, but it’s just as true today as it was then. Eating your vegetables is an excellent way to promote weight loss, while getting full and getting the right nutrients for your body. Many vegetables are high in various vitamins that your body needs to maintain itself in a healthy manner. For example, vitamin A promotes eye health, fights infections, and aids in reproduction. Choosing dark leafy greens, like spinach or kale, is a great way to get vitamin A in your system. Most vegetables are low in calories, and can be very filling.
  • High Fiber. Foods high in fiber are great for your digestive tract and weight loss. Fiber keeps you regular, which in turn, helps you lose weight and feel good. You can get fiber from a variety of foods. Depending on what you are currently eating, switching to whole grain cereals with fiber or whole grain oatmeal for breakfast is a really good choice for weight loss. You can also get fiber from fruits and vegetables. If you eat an apple, make sure to leave the skin on since most of the fiber is found in the apple skin. Raspberries make a delicious sweet treat, and you can get eight grams of fiber in one cup.
  • Protein. Protein is necessary for heart and lung functions, so without protein you can die. Eating the right kinds of protein can aid your weight loss. Look for lean cuts of meat. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, skinless turkey, pork tenderloin, and filet mignon are just some of the great choices for lean proteins. If you are trying to eat more vegetarian, you can choose beans, tofu, or even some grains, like quinoa, as a great source of protein.

No matter your current weight or size, eating the proper nutrients for your body is the key to healthy weight loss. It is also important to have a regular exercise schedule. With your healthy eating on track, talk to a personal trainer about the best exercises for your body type and how to achieve your fitness and health goals. Many personal trainers can also offer you nutritional counseling to aid your weight loss journey, as well as the great exercise advice and knowledge. Talk to your trainer today to find out more about healthy weight loss.


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