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Get a Personal Trainer from Johns Creek to Chisel Those Six-Pack Abs

Sep 11, 2013

Psychology and physical activity expert Sally Pears, in her article in Fitness Newspaper, used fruit and blankets to illustrate how one gets those coveted six-pack abs, and why some still don’t have theirs visible despite a really rigorous workout. Pears said that if one wants to have well-defined abs, he should either increase the size of his abdominal muscles or reduce the amount of abdominal fats. If a person has excessive abdominal fats, she said, even the biggest abs won’t be seen.

The concept of an ideal body physique varies from person to person: some may want to really bulk up, while others may prefer a leaner built with a well-defined abdomen. To achieve your own personal fitness goals, you need a training program designed specifically for your body type and condition, and this is where you need the help of a personal trainer. Those living in the Johns Creek, GA area will be glad to know that the services of a professional personal trainer in Johns Creek, like those from Fitness Together, are well within their reach.

In her article, Pears likened a person's abs to oranges and grapefruits; the oranges represent smaller-sized abs, and the grapefruit, the more developed ones. A thin blanket is then used to represent lower abdominal fat levels, and a thicker blanket is used represent higher, but still acceptable, abdominal fat levels. Without any blanket, the oranges and grapefruits are clearly visible; under a thin blanket, they were slightly visible, and under a thick one, the oranges are no longer distinguishable.

The same thing happens to abs, according to Pears; muscles that are covered by layers of fat will hardly stand out even if they’re quite well-built. On the other hand, if the muscles are too small, they will also become invisible even under just a thin layer of fat. Thus, two ways to get well-defined abs is to really expand the size of your abdominal muscles, or make sure that your abdomen is really lean so that even the smaller muscles will show; a combination of both methods will also work.

Achieving any of these goals requires a regimen consisting of the right diet and workout. Designing a detailed target-specific program falls within the expertise of a personal trainer. The trainer can also supervise the way you exercise and help you improve your movements to achieve the best results.

The trainer can provide motivation, particularly when you feel like faltering from your routine. While fitness training in Johns Creek is available to everyone, a one-size-fits-all workout will simply not work in achieving a personal fitness goal. By working with a professional trainer from training studios like Fitness Together, you are assured that you are doing the right things to achieve your objective.


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