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Frustrated With Myself, But I Will Get There

Jan 15, 2013

Friday & Saturday I managed to get 30 mins of aerobic excise before work Friday and before a full day of working on the master bath renovation. I think I get more still from getting into the odd positions on the reno than I do my workouts.

Still not doing a good jobs on the food allocation. It is difficult to arrange what you eat to get the right fix of carbs, fat and protein. I can see this is going to be the biggest challenge for my. I know it's important, and effective, because I saw someone else's results.

Saturday I didn't do the 5 meals because of the reno work. Same on Sunday, no excuse. Sunday was another day of reno work. Crawling around in the attic trying to get can lights in.

Frustrated with myself but I will get it.


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