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Forced In To Action

Jan 15, 2013

Tom always seemed to have a positive attitude and to be a happy person. I had the opportunity to meet with Tom one on one to learn more about each other’s businesses.

I was impressed to learn that Tom was a very good dancer and that he and his wife had even performed as dancers at the half time of a Super Bowl! I also learned Tom was a huge Bears fan. Being that I am a Fitness Professional, Tom shared with me his struggles with his weight and health. I could tell even though he was a happy person there was some pain there.

Being about 150 lbs overweight I knew Tom needed help, but I have learned that the individual has to be ready to make their own lifestyle change, so I never try to push anyone.

On December 13, 2012 I was our featured presenter at our networking group, where I got to present what my business does to the group. Immediately after the presentation Tom came up to me and simply said “Ok, I give up. I’m Ready” and I knew he was.

We met two days later and my studio and discussed his goals in detail. We talked about the various diets Tom had tried over the years and the “Yo Yo” weight loss and gain he had experienced. Tom told me he was nervous if it would work, he was nervous if he could do it, he was nervous if he could afford to do the type of plan that would get him where he needed to go. But, he said at 59 years old, over 150 lbs overweight, with Sleep Apnea, high cholesterol, and borderline high blood pressure and diabetes, he had no choice. He HAD to do this.

Getting to this point is the first critical step for someone who is going to make a dramatic body and life transformation. We figured out a workout and nutrition plan that would help Tom reach his goals in about 1 to 1 ½ years. I was proud of him for making the commitment.

I love working with all of my clients and seeing the positive healthy changes they make, but when I have someone embarking on a radical physique and lifestyle transformation that gets me juiced up more than anything!

It’s “GO Time” now and there is no looking back. I promised Tom my team and I would give him 110% support along his journey as long as he did as we asked, and that I would do everything in my power to help ensure his success.

One of the biggest factors in succeeding in a major fitness goal (or any goal for that matter) is ACCOUNTABILITY. It’s a huge word in our studio! While my fitness coaches and I are going to hold Tom accountable, I told Tom if he REALLY wanted to create extra accountability he should blog his journey online. So, now it begins.

I am not only excited to see Tom’s progress and lifestyle change over the upcoming year, I know that his story will inspire others so Tom’s transformation will not only change 1 life for the better but many!


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