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A Solid Weight-loss Program that Really Works

Dec 4, 2012

Are you tired of weight-loss programs with lackluster results? Or maybe you get instant results, but the pounds quickly pack back on. Are you ready to find a weight-loss program that actually works? Serious weight-loss is possible and achievable. Whether you are looking to lose five pounds, or 50 pounds, you can use this program to get results that last. Ready to hear what it is? Keep reading for three tips that will give you the lasting weight-loss results you want.

  • Drink Water. Drinking water is a key ingredient to any legitimate weight-loss program. A good percentage of your body is water--as much as 50-70 percent! If you’re not constantly drinking water, your body will not function properly, and your weight-loss program will tank. A good rule of thumb to follow is to drink an ounce of water for every pound you weigh. Water is much healthier for your body that sodas, even diet sodas. If you drink an ounce of water for every pound you weigh, you’ll be so busy drinking water that you won’t have time for other beverages. Of course, you can include plain coffee and tea.
  • Exercise. Exercise is incredibly important for achieving weight-loss, and keeping it off. Come up with a regular exercise plan and stick to it. If you struggle with motivation and self discipline for an exercise plan, consider meeting with a personal trainer. A personal trainer is a great way to come up with an exercise plan that will give you the best results for your body. Not only can they come up with an exercise regimen, but they can also give you diet tips to aid your weight-loss plan. Your exercise goal should be to elevate your heart rate for 30 minutes or more each day. That’s called cardiovascular exercise, and it is consistently the best way to lose weight.
  • Healthy Eating. Choosing to eat healthy is the third tip to help with permanent weight-loss. Drinking water and exercise will get results, but combined with healthy eating you will see the results you’re looking for. Fruits and vegetables are always a good choice. Try to fill half your plate with vegetables. Whole grains are good in moderation. Choose grains like brown rice, barley, or quinoa. Lean protein is also good for you. Choosing to make one day a week vegetarian is another way to help you lose weight. If you’re unsure of how to make healthy eating habits, talk to your personal trainer about what you can eat to aid your weight-loss.

If you’re looking for permanent weight-loss at a healthy rate, utilize the above tips. Incorporate exercise into your lifestyle, whether you meet with a personal trainer, or start taking a daily walk. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to help your body stay healthy and losing weight. Make healthy eating choices, like lots of vegetables and fruit, and some whole grains, to aid your weight-loss. Start your weight-loss program today and start seeing results.


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