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A Personal Trainer in Johns Creek Helps You Remain in Combat Shape

Mar 5, 2014

Hammering your body into a lean, mean machine is a requirement to withstand the rigors of military training. Jen Murphy of the Wall Street Journal touches on one aspect of that endeavor:Instead of indulging in the holiday-season office cookies and after-work cocktail parties, Kristen Silverman decided it was time to step up her already intense fitness program.

The 35-year-old chief operating officer of Nandana, a private resort in the Bahamas, was attending hour-long group boot-camp fitness classes that mimicked the routine Marines go through in boot camp. Three to four days a week, Ms. Silverman completed obstacle courses that included hurdles, monkey bars, a six-foot rope climb and six-foot walls to scale.

Some women in Johns Creek, GA, may relate with keeping their bodies in good condition to cope up with the stresses of family and work duties- especially if the latter are carried out in uniform, whether in the active forces or the Reserves. There are recruitment centers within several miles of Johns Creek and Georgia is home to a number of bases, with Fort Benning being the most prominent. When you want a real commitment to a healthy body even in your later years, consider a dedicated personal trainer in Johns Creek like one from Fitness Together (FT) to help you in your effort.

A consultation with your trainer will help iron out your goals. If you are a servicewoman seeking more physical conditioning off-duty, the trainer can customize a program as challenging as anything in the military. Silverman exclaims that sheer motivation is needed to continue even after feeling sore for the first week.

Healthy eating options are also vital in firing up your body through the regimes. Your training program can limit your choices. For Silverman, it meant ditching holiday food and going for salads and lean meat, as well as eating small portions five times a day.

A body forged from fitness training in Johns Creek through outfits like FT can work wonders for your lifestyle, even if you’ve parted ways with the service. Being of sound mind and body can help in your later years.

(Source: Special-Ops: Getting in Shape the Military Way, Wall Street Journal)


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