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5 Personal Trainer Exercise Tips

Aug 22, 2012

Get started on your weight loss and muscle definition goals with these five personal trainer exercise tips!

1. Just get started. It’s so easy to put off getting in shape, and almost everybody at some point or another says, “oh, I’ll start next week.” But few of them do. The most helpful bit of advice to a beginner is to just get started. Do a google search for local gyms and visit the closest ones. See which ones will best fit your needs. Meet with a personal trainer and discuss your goals that personal trainer exercise can help you meet. Determine if the trainer offers a package that will work for you, and get a plan in motion for working towards and achieving your goals.

2. Interval training. Interval training is one of the best ways to see results, especially if your goal is weight loss. This sort of personal trainer exercise is a combination of low and high intensity. For example, you might sprint for one minute, and then walk for two minutes. This burns fat more quickly than a consistent low intensity workout. Incorporate interval training into your normal cardio workouts to see results.

3. Switch up your routine. Regularly switching up your routine can help you continue to achieve your goals. Using the same workout routine and schedule for too long can cause your body to become accustomed to it, and you will cease to see results. Change your schedule and routine every 6-8 weeks to keep your body from plateauing. If you normally workout Monday, Wednesday, Friday, in the evening, try switching to Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, morning workouts. Changing up your cardio can also improve your results. Incorporate different activities such as running, spinning, and swimming, to keep you motivated and interested.

4. Weightlift. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn throughout the day. Including weight lifting into your scheduled workouts can not only define muscles in your body, but help you burn fat more efficiently. This personal trainer exercise Johns Creek is best done with a trainer to show you the ropes. Become familiar with the weights you’ll be using. Free weights are usually the better option since they work your whole body. Learn how to properly lift weights, and determine the best weight to begin working with. Use heavier weights to challenge your muscles to grow, and do less reps.

5. Rest. This is the most important tip. Without rest, your muscles will not grow and your body will not function at its best. Do not workout every day. Your body needs the time to rest and grow the muscles that you are working out. Every couple months, you may need to take a few days to reset your body. Use that time to take a break from your normal personal trainer exercise plan, and focus on resting your body. That will jumpstart your metabolism and get you geared up for continuing on your journey to achieve your goals.

Utilize the above personal trainer exercise tips to see results and choose a healthier lifestyle. Get started today by contacting your local health club.

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