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    Private Studio Suites and LIVE 1-on-1 Virtual Training to make it easier to stay on track with your goals.

The hardest part is getting started.



Signature fit evaluation that includes an in-depth health history and lifestyle review, movement and posture analysis, and mini workout, all used to design a program that is unique to you.

  • "The trainers know what they are doing. The encourage you to work at getting you to your goals. what I don't like is the facility needs to be cleaned more often. If I left it would be due to that. "   ― J. H.

  • "Justin is freaking awesome. I come in at 6:15am, the music is pumping and we're ready to lift weights. The exact motivation I need."   ― M. E.

  • "Justin is an excellent addition to the team!"   ― F. M.

  • "This feedback is after initial consultation on 10-24-2020 I am a former client and did extremely well working with FT three years ago. I started a new job in 2018 and my focus really went fully to work and I dropped all focus on my personal fitness. So jump to 10-2020. Post Covid and several years of not working out I’ve gained weight and lost fitness. I’m 66 and can’t afford to lose any fitness!! So back to Sat- Had a consultation with Caleb. Was very pleased with his understanding of where I am and my fears of getting hurt while ramping up an exercise program before getting weight lose accomplished. I’m 25 pounds down on a 100 pound journey. He is young but really listened to me. So 1. They listen He took me through a sample workout which also served as an assessment for him to see where I was 2. They test to see where you are He asked me for my goals. Not just “I want to lose 100 pounds” but WHY I was on this journey. Solid actionable reasons why I was considering beginning a workout program now 3. They make sure you are ready mentally. Realizing it takes your commitment. I’m 66. I’m overweight. I’m pre-diabetic. I’m very worried about Covid risk. From my observation in person Saturday they have created a SAFE workout environment and also offer virtual. I observed very careful sanitizing and social distancing and ventilation and masking within the studio. Weights and surfaces being wiped down before and after use. Careful limiting of number of clients in studio at a time. 4. They are committed to maintaining a SAFE environment within the studio. So I am starting my 2020 journey today with FT. I’m know I’m in good hands and am totally confident that know how to work with a senior like me. Can’t wait to see the transformation. Proud to have them as my workout partner again. "   ― K. I.

  • "Great facility, excellent coaching!!!"   ― D. N.

  • "I love my trainer Gabby. She is punctual, efficient, and always prepared for my particular needs. I do virtual sessions so it is convenient. I am seeing continuing progress in strength and use of my body. "   ― B. M. a. K. R. C.

  • "Pack classes are energetic and make working out fun!"   ― C. M.

  • "Personalized training, great coach, clean facility!!"   ― D. N.

  • "Anthony is engaging, encouraging, perfect for "Stay At Home Fitness"~"   ― S. D.

  • "Andrew is awesome."   ― F. M.

  • "everything :)"   ― M. E.

  • "I love the personalized training and private studio environment!"   ― J. a. M. B.

  • "The workout plans are effective and results-oriented! The support of the staff makes it fun to be in the fitness studio! Kathleen H."   ― K. H.

  • "I've been a member at Fitness Together, Johns Creek, for about 3 yrs now. I started with personal training, and then went into their small group PACT fitness /workout classes. I've had the opportunity to work with several of the trainers since I've been training with FT, and they are all highly skilled and very professional. It's a well run organization with a great team of trainers who can help in whatever area you need to improve. Best of all we have fun sweating and pushing ourselves to be even better. Love FT, and if you're considering getting fit, no matter what your age, I'm sure you would find Fitness Together to be a positive step toward better health. "   ― E. L.

  • "I love the smaller spaces and friendliness of this gym rather than the large, impersonal ones. Each time I enter, I’m called by my name by the trainers and the owner! Andrew ihappens to be my personal trainer and he is awesome! He listens to my concerns and provides exactly what I need!!! Highly recommend!! Shirley Davis"   ― S. L. D.

  • "The staff is always upbeat and positive. "   ― K. V.

  • "Excellent Fitness Studio and Trainers. Looking forward to achieve my fitness goals with the help of Thomas and Anthony."   ― J. J.

  • "one on one training with trainer. I believe he and I have worked out a program that is showing results that I wanted and will continue as long as I follow the plan. It's a life style choice that you have to be committed to change. The results are worth the efforts. Everyone has been very helpful and treated me as if I were their only client. Good personal attention. thanks, "   ― J. H.

  • "The trainers do a great job at pushing you to your limits and getting you to your fitness goals."   ― B. B.

  • "I enjoy the small group workouts. Also how the trainer customizes my workouts to my needs & abilities. "   ― J. F.

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