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1 Client. 1 Trainer. 1 Goal.®

Fitness Together® is the ultimate program to get back in shape so you feel and look your best. The results can be amazing! Each day we help people just like you achieve their goals. But don't take our word for it, see what our clients have to say and check out our studio's client reviews and success stories.

Where Fitness Together® succeeds and others fail

Our successful formula has four key features:

  1. Exceptional personal training that combines enthusiasm, knowledge, care, personalization, accountability, and support

  2. Fully equipped private / semi-private workout suites for sessions that maximize your time by eliminating distractions, not waiting for equipment and avoiding intimidation

  3. The perfect combination of aerobic exercise and strength training

  4. A common sense nutrition program based on scientific truths that fuel positive changes and maximize results

Fitness Together® has a program that is different and effective

Fitness Together® has the perfect program to get you the results you want. In our private workout suites, there is no waiting and no wasted time. There is no intimidation that sometimes accompanies working out in front of others in a fitness club atmosphere. Each room is equipped with state of the art equipment and has all you'll ever need for your workout. We will always clean your suite thoroughly prior to your arrival.

In a private suite, every minute is purposeful and enjoyable. It's just you, your trainer, and your goals.

Top certified trainers

Whether or not you've been physically active, and whether or not you've ever worked with a personal fitness coach, your trainer will make sure that you are comfortable in the private suite environment. To ensure that you have a positive experience, your trainer will also see to it you feel emotionally and physically comfortable with every aspect of your workout regimen.

  • "Personalized"   ― L. M.

  • "Personal trainers are the best. My trainer takes the time to introduce new exercises to pinpoint my needs. He explains what muscles are targeted and how to do it correctly. It is hard work but it pays off in the end. The rooms and equipment are sanitized after each person uses them and you are the questioned regarding COVID-19 exposure and your temperature is taken before entry to the rooms. A mask is required if you leave your space. I feel very well protected in this environment. The personnel are professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I have overcome obstacles that were never addressed when I had physical therapy for an injury. Fitness together is the best and I highly recommend it. Vivsnee"   ― P. H.

  • "Great staff !"   ― B. M.

  • "I have been extremely please with the reopening of FT Reading. I was given the option to stay remote or go in-person. I chose to go in-person and have found the safety protocols to be exemplary. I am please that, with Suzanne's purposeful and conscientious training, I have personally been able to recoup some of the losses I experienced earlier this year."   ― M. B.

  • "Great program and trainers tailored to each person!"   ― M. M.

  • "Great people and the program is tailored to your needs"   ― E. K.

  • "The staff. "   ― T. T.

  • "Great staff, great programs, great facilities, great management, great safety measures, great clients."   ― B. S.

  • "Personal training holds you accountable to yourself. It’s not a social club, although You end up knowing all the trainers and other members who are sandwiched on either end of your scheduled times. It’s welcoming and personal My trainers tailor workouts to accommodate my faults, stiffness and overexertion from being a weekend warrior. They get me back on track by making me stronger and improving my flexibility. "   ― K. G.

  • "The whole staff is tuned into an individual's personal goals. They monitor progress and refine programs to adjust to current circumstances, both to maintain interest as well as address any issues or concerns. Under our current Covid limitations, I preferred to continue my program through remote sessions and FT has responded wonderfully. While I look forward to returning to the facility when my personal circumstances allow, I am very comfortable with my remote sessions, and happy with my progress. "   ― P. S.

  • "If you care about your fitness and are looking for some help, run don’t walk to Fitness Together on Nain St in Reading. Great people, great trainers!!"   ― T. R.

  • "The Reading location I’d run by professionals who I trust and who always make me feel welcome. "   ― M. C.

  • "I love the flexibility and the staff"   ― T. K.

  • "friendly and professional staff in a safe/clean environment"   ― B. M.

  • " Couldn't be happier with Fitness Together! They really have done a wonderful job during Covid virtually and then in person. "   ― D. D.

  • "I love the personal touch - everyone is so friendly. Also, the disinfecting and social distancing routines are truly excellent!"   ― M. B.

  • "The people. "   ― T. T.

  • "It is VERY personalized. Trainers have been able to switch back and forth, as needed, between live sessions at the studio and virtual sessions in my living room. Oh, and I have biceps now!"   ― S. M.

  • "The people, the trainers are great."   ― S. T.

  • "Excellent people and service "   ― E. K.

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