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    Private Studio Suites and LIVE 1-on-1 Virtual Training to make it easier to stay on track with your goals.

The hardest part is getting started.


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Same old resolution to get fit. Same old gym membership.
Expecting new results?
That's the definition of insanity!

It’s time to BUST OUT from your past cycle of failed results. This year we can help you finally realize your resolution with no gimmicks and no overnight promises - just plenty of real results.

If gimmicks and fad diets worked, you’d see a lot more people in much better shape. The fact is, getting fit takes time, skill and focus.

At Fitness Together Fairfax, we produce real results from one simple formula: one client, one trainer and one goal. With our customized 1-on-1 fitness and nutrition programs and the help of your own certified personal trainer, you’ll be taking the right steps to reaching your fitness goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, get strong, or improve your health, our professional personal trainers can help you make it happen.

This year make a change. Break the monotony and get real results with Fitness Together!

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Live 1:1 Virtual Personal Training brings a personal trainer into the comfort of your own space, making it easy to personalize your workout plan on your own time so you can reach your goals.

  • "I love Meredith! She is my trainer. "   ― J. D.

  • "Adaptable!"   ― E. A.

  • "I may not like being challenged during my session but I sure do appreciate it. That and the encouragement to change my perception of exercise allows me to enjoy physical vacations at the beach or in the mountains with family and friends. This next year is filled with opportunities and I don't want to miss any of them. "   ― K. H.

  • "Fitness Together's Virtual Training Sessions allow me to fit workouts into my day at a time that works for me. Denzel, SanJ, and Becca are terrific trainers and tailor my workouts to my goals and current abilities."   ― H. A.

  • "Joining FT has been one of the best decisions I have made. They are a group of knowledgeable trainers that work with the individual needs of each client. The trainers are motivating, fun to work with, and constantly evaluating my fitness program. They have remained flexible and resourceful through the current restrictions and have kept me fully engaged me in the virtual sessions! "   ― A. H.

  • "Personalized attention "   ― J. M.

  • "Trainers listen and watch and have me do exercises that address the weak spots. I’ve gotten much stronger and feel so much better. The workout is completely geared to my needs. "   ― S. R.

  • "Miss the gym but the zoom workouts have been awesome! Can't believe you figured out a pack class too. Thanks for everything you're doing to keep me active!"   ― K. H.

  • "Customized professional staff. Great contribution to life! "   ― E. A.

  • "Flexibility and great trainers. "   ― J. D.

  • "The trainers are so knowledgeable and friendly - they adjust the program on the spot when things start creaking and popping. :)"   ― V. F.

  • "Trainers are very personable, competent and fun to be with. They do a wonderful job of keeping me motivated to continue."   ― J. B.

  • "Knowledgeable trainers and a personalized programs that fits my needs and challenges me at the same time."   ― S. G.

  • "Feels like the exercises chosen for me to do address my weak areas. I have someone watching me- correcting bad posture and making me work the muscles that need strengthening. It’s a positive atmosphere and I love that too. "   ― S. R.

  • "I like the personal attention i receive from trainers during individual and pack sessions"   ― J. M.

  • "Extremely professional staff that cares about your personal goals"   ― J. K.

  • "The plans are individualized, the workouts are challenging, the atmosphere is positive, the staff is welcoming and knowledgeable. "   ― A. H.

  • "Support and encouragement"   ― B. S.

  • "Good people, good work."   ― P. C.

  • "Best trainers in the business!"   ― V. F.

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