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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Bart Nuboer

My name is Bart Nuboer and at 76, I am one of the oldest clients at Fitness Together Cohasset.

During the 6+ years here, I have stopped aging. FT can actually measure that. The trainers know muscles and use innumerable different exercises to keep each session interesting. It's the only luxury I indulge in, because it is well worth it and it is good for me and my family.

Janet Schmitz

Why do I go to Fitness Together Cohasset? Because I am worth it! And if I don't go, I don't feel as healthy! I have had MS for 35 years. When I don't exercise, I am like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz in search of an oil can so I can move. I'll look clumsy and have balance issues. My mood and energy levels will be off the charts on the low side. So, I show up at FT. And for that, you might never know I have MS and I can pretend I don't. Thank you, FT.

Kathy Miller

I started at Fitness Together Cohasset in 2009 to lose weight and improve my fitness. My goals were driven by the desire to improve my health and to delay the need for a hip replacement. I lost 35 pounds (hooray!) and delayed surgery for 4 years.* I continued to workout right up to 3 days before the surgery. Even though I had to scale back on my lower body workouts because of increasing hip pain, I continued working on my upper body strength. And I'm so glad I did! I was amazed at how my fitness positively impacted my recovery. In the hospital, I could get in and out of bed more easily, I could walk the halls with more confidence, and I was familiar with the physical therapy exercises. The nurses and physical therapy staff told me they were giving me an A+ for mobility. I blessed FT everyday for helping me get better more quickly. The recovery took work, but FT taught me how to work hard towards my goal.

Holly Harris

Feeling it was finally time for me to turn serious about getting fit and shedding some of those extra pounds, I signed up for one-on-one sessions at Fitness Together Cohasset. Later I added the complimentary small group sessions on Saturday mornings and more recently tacked on some extra cardio workouts.

The encouragement, enthusiasm and commitment that the trainers have proved contagious. They banish boredom, invite personal accountability and assist in conquering plateaus. Probably most importantly, they help me climb back on the fitness wagon when I slip off. Fortified with my own enthusiasm, commitment and, yes, courage. I'm looking forward to being fit for life. It's a challenge FT has helped me believe I can and will be able to meet.

Fern Proctor

“ I first came to Fitness Together Cohasset 9 years ago. I just wanted to feel better and lose some of the weight I had accumulated over the years. I certainly never thought I would be here nine years later, with no plans of ever leaving, or to have discovered a completely new lifestyle.

Along with some of the best trainers and gym buddies I could ever imagine, I have managed to lose and keep off the extra 35(!)

With an awareness towards nutrition as well as how to maintain a healthy active lifestyle on a daily basis that extends beyond the workouts three to four times a week, it has simply become my way of life now. Thank you Fitness Together Cohasset.”