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Client Appreciation - Celebrating 10+ Years of Fitness Together Brentwood

Apr 27, 2021

We asked clients that have been with us 10+ years: “Please tell me in a few words, “Why FT? What has kept you with us?”


Julie Johnson

“I’ve been working out at Fitness Together since 2006 and 15 years later I’m still loving every minute of it!!! The trainers are fantastic and the workouts are challenging and fun! I find myself laughing a lot! The trainers are very skilled at helping with form and I’ve gotten much stronger over the years. Originally, I started at FT because of chronic neck issues and quickly found the workouts helped immensely. I highly recommend the fabulous trainers and workouts at Fitness Together.” – Julie Johnson

Jim Yaggi

“I’ve been with FT for quite a few years and appreciated their ability to work a program to fit my needs. The main reason I joined was I lacked discipline to work out in a proper manner. Hence, having as one would say a “task master” to keep me fit. They also met my goals that I felt were important to me. The staff are interconnected, and all know each client on a personal basis. This makes being there a more personal touch. Therefore, as long as I can stay above ground, I will keep with the program.” - Jim Yaggi

Katherine Milne

“Hands down it’s the trainers that make the difference! Each one of them is encouraging and professional. Supportive accountability. No matter the chaos going on in the rest of life, making FT a habit always makes a positive difference.” - Katherine Milne

John Day

“To put it simply, I trust Fitness Together. I value relationships with people who do what they say they’re going to do. I’m extremely busy and how and where I spend extra time matters tremendously. I’m not into being in environments where I’m being yelled at; I really appreciate Fitness Together not feeling intimidating. Working out isn’t something I enjoy and with FT, my time never feels wasted. I’ll be sticking with my FT crew!” - John Day

Farsheed Ferdowsi

“Working out at FT is like exercising at your home gym with friends and family. The trainers at FT know their craft. They customize a program that fits your abilities and needs. At FT you work out, you sweat, and you laugh all at the same time. I have been going to FT for over ten years. As long as they are in business I will be a member. I can’t think of working out any place else.” - Farsheed Ferdowsi

Randy & Marion

#1: “FT has become a part of my and my families’ life. Marion and I decided to invest in our “future health” 15 years ago and we both and our grown children have all loved working with trainers at FT and our bodies and our souls have benefited greatly.”
#2: “My physician told me many years ago that the best prescription he could give me is “Vigorous Exercise”. Every time I work out at FT, I take this prescription.”
#3: “I am my “best self” the days I work out at FT. I have more energy and more perspective as I go into my day which like everyone else is filled with many challenges. I am a better husband, father, grandfather, son, brother and friend because of the FT experience through all the years. Hope to work out at FT for at least the next 15 years!” - Randy Hearon

At 60, I see and feel the aging but am sincerely happy with my weight and fitness level. I would not be sitting in this position had I not been working out with Fitness Together for the last 15 years. The strength and physical stamina I’ve developed has enabled me to do the activities I love - carrying grandchildren, pushing huge wheel barrels of plants and soil, kayaking and hiking miles uphill. I have an amazing relationship with my FT trainers. The workouts are tough but they are kind, patient, and understanding; I’m pushed but in the best ways. The FT team have become my friends and I trust them completely.” - Marion Hearon

Larry & Beverly

"One word: results. The trainers know what they're doing! They show us how to exercise safely so we don't get injured." - Larry & Beverly King

John Taylor

“It continues to greatly improve my physical and mental health. I’ll be 83 later this year and I feel like I did in my 30’s or 40’s!” - John Taylor

Patty Yaggi

“I love the staff, what they do here and their expertise. The way they work around injuries, and the results that I get here.” - Patty Yaggi


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