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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Sheila Rohal

Broadview Heights resident loses weight and recovers from back pain*

I wanted to share my success at Fitness Together since joining in February of 2010. Back then, I was diagnosed with some chronic and degenerative back conditions. I decided to make an investment in my health, and in my future. Throughout the ups and downs of dealing with the back issues, I have been working with the personal trainers at Fitness Together Brecksville who have tailored my workouts to what I CAN do instead of what I CAN'T do. I have made consistent progress with the physical training and nutritional guidance that I have received. It takes commitment and accountability to get the results---and Fitness Together has been with me every step of the way to help me achieve those results, and to make sure my workouts were safe and effective. I have lost 30 pounds*, several inches* and a few clothing sizes*. I really feel the healthiest and strongest that I have in many years; and through strengthening the core, my back is virtually pain free without medication. Even my doctors are amazed at my progress! Thank you Fitness Together

After *

Bob Fritz

71 year old Brecksville resident loses 85 pounds*

FT Brecksville helps with healthy eating, too

Article as seen in Mimi Vanderhaven Newspaper

Published: 01/28/2016

by Patricia Nugent

Seventy-one-year-old Bob Fritz of Brecksville has much to be thankful for. After suffering a heart attack 25 years ago, he signed his own new lease on life at Fitness Together in Brecksville.

“Following the heart attack, I tried to be more active, but never really made it part of my lifestyle,” says Bob. “Then I developed debilitating sciatica, which threw up a roadblock to training. I knew I needed professional help, so I turned to the disciplined trainers at Fitness Together. They helped me make major improvements in overall strength, conditioning, energy level and flexibility.”*´╗┐

Last year Bob’s trainer, Steven Madden, recommended for best results, as a complement to his training program, that he address the other side of his health and join the Nutrition Together program. (Steven has an eclectic background, coming into the personal training field as a formally trained stunt man, krav maga martial artist and theatrical fight choreographer. So he’s always open to trying different disciplines.)

The science-based Nutrition Together plan isn’t a diet or supplements. The goal is to basically change the way people eat through educational sessions that range from how to eat light to grocery shopping, dining out and establishing healthy eating behaviors.

In January 2015, Bob began working with Kerry Fairchild, the nutritionist on staff. She recalls that when she first met with Bob, he was a true “binge eater,” indulging in a lot of fried foods, junk food and sweets, but with an amazing level of dedication was able to lose 85 pounds* over the year at the safe rate of loss of two pounds each week—and has kept it off for more than six months to date. Today, he is pain-free and happy to be off his pre-diabetes and high blood pressure medicines.*

Putting it on Paper Reaps Rewards

“Eighty-six percent of successful dieters, who have kept the weight off for a long period of time, record their daily food intake in a log,” says Kerry. “By having clients use our Weekly Accountability Journal, I train them not only to log their diet, but also their exercise as well as rate how hungry they are feeling at certain times.”

Through six initial 45-minute consultations, Kerry coached Bob on how to use the daily log and how to retrain his eating. Following that they did weekly weigh-ins, which still continue.

“Thanks to the successful combination of Nutrition Together and Fitness Together, I’m in the best shape I’ve been since my 20s,”* says Bob. “Through the weight loss process, I was never hungry and never felt deprived. I actually enjoy eating now more than ever.”*

Says Kerry, “Ultimately, I want to help clients answer the question, ‘Are you getting everything you can out of your body?’”

Fitness Together owner and trainer Sean Sullivan says that Bob’s across-the-board improvement is pretty much the norm at his fitness studio.

“It’s all about accountability and results,” he says. “Once people see the big difference muscle-group-specific, one-on-one training makes in their lives, they enjoy sticking with us.”

In addition to Steven and Sean, the other nationally certified trainers at the studio include Jessie Regula, Lisa Clark, Adam Teplitz, Amanda Ricci, Kelly Bailey, Justin Traft, Maria Kolodziej and Michael Roberto.

Each of the private training suites is outfitted with the latest equipment, from cardio machines to TRX suspension bands, medicine and stability balls and weights geared toward both individual and small group “PACK” sessions.

A Family Affair

Sean also says that once someone starts training at Fitness Together, usually his or her spouse and/or children start training, too.

“Great results are a big motivator,” he says. “Once people start seeing their fitness levels turn around, that makes them role models to others in their families.”

As testimony, Bob reports that after his body and health transformation, his wife, Linnet, also began sessions.

Josh Nathanson

Cleveland Indians fantasy camp pitcher avoids shoulder surgery!*

I worked out with personal trainer Sean Sullivan from Fitness Together in Brecksville for over 7 years. My strength and endurance increased dramatically under his watch.* In addition, with his help, I avoided shoulder surgery* which was recommended by my doctor at the Cleveland Clinic. I have continued my baseball career and have been throwing as hard as I ever have as evidenced by my performance at this year’s Cleveland Indians fantasy camp. Thanks again Sean!

After* *

Kevin Sullivan

PGA Golf Pro loses 60 pounds and adds power & flexibility to his game!*

Article as seen in Mimi Vanderhaven Newspaper

Published: 02/25/2015

by Patricia Nugent

Results are the true way to measure the success of a fitness program. But along with helping clients to accomplish their personal goals, Sean Sullivan, owner of Fitness Together, in Brecksville, believes his fitness center stands out from other facilities in another way.

“It’s our down-to-earth customer service,” Sean insists. “We greet our clients with a smile. As they walk in we hand them a towel and a bottle of water. We treat our clients like family.”

Glancing over at his cousin, Kevin, Sean pauses, then adds with a laugh, “Well, sometimes they are family.”

Kevin, a PGA golf pro and part owner of GolfTEC Brecksville, has lost almost 60 pounds* since joining Fitness Together about a year ago. Kevin says his relationship with Sean wasn’t the only reason he decided to join the facility.

“I had a lot of mutual clients come in and talk up Fitness Together,” Kevin says. “They are all pleased with their results and they love their personal trainers. They liked that Fitness Together tailors their workouts to their personal goals. It isn’t one size fits all.”

When the effects of age started to show in his golf game, Kevin decided it was time for some conditioning.

“I wasn’t having any health issues or anything, but I started to notice that my scores on the back nine were never as good as the front nine,” he recalls. “I realized the problem could be weight and fatigue. When your feet are aching at the end of a round, it’s time to do something about it. I decided to lose some weight and build some strength to see whether it would help, and it did. Before I was noticeably dragging halfway through a round. Now I feel like I can run five miles after I play 18 holes—and I am seeing better scores.”*

Having just turned 45 years old, Kevin realized he was sometimes competing with guys half his age.

“Nobody wants to see people hit the ball 50 yards past them,” he laughs. “It was time to start taking fitness more seriously.”

Part of Kevin’s personalized workout plan focuses on building strength in his shoulders and hips, which are vital for driving the ball.

“I was never big on weight training, even when I was younger,” Kevin says. “They tell you in golf to stay away from weights because tightening up can hurt your game. That myth has been proven wrong. I actually look forward to weight training now.”

That myth, Sean says, illustrates why it is so important to work with accredited personal trainers who understand exercise and how it works.

“It’s true that weights can make your muscles tight,” he acknowledges. “That’s why you need to do it properly. Our program is based on functional training. We don’t do anything that puts your body into a fixated position. It is all about movements that you use in everyday life. For golfers, we do weight exercises that incorporate twisting and swinging that help, rather than hinder, their games.”

Fitness Together has nine nationally accredited personal trainers and a licensed dietitian on staff. Working with personal trainers, Kevin says, provides motivation to push forward. That, he says, is another advantage of working out at Fitness Together.

“It’s easy to skip out on a group class,” he says. “But when you make an appointment with a personal trainer you are less likely to blow it off.”

Another myth busted at Fitness Together is that personal trainers are a luxury that only the wealthy can afford.

“A personal trainer is not only for celebrities and professional athletes,” Sean says. “Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve flexibility or muscle tone, or just work toward a healthier lifestyle, our job is to help you develop a customized workout plan and pair you up with a personal trainer who gives you the one-on-one attention that you don’t get in traditional workout facilities. What we want to do is empower people to make healthy lifestyle changes.”

After managing Fitness Together since it opened more than seven years ago, Sean purchased the business in October 2013, realizing his dream of owning his own fitness studio. A certified trainer through the National Personal Training Institute, Sean has extensive experience training a wide range of clients, including Miss Ohio 2006, figure champions of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, the Cleveland Cavs Dance Team, and recovering cancer patients from The Gathering Place.

He also was once one of the world’s top Irish step dancers.

“I have been involved in a lot of athletics, but I had never swung a golf club in my life until about a year ago,” he admits. “Now that I am a business owner I am asked to participate in golf outings and charity events. I had been shy to do it because I couldn’t play. I had clients who raved about GolfTEC. The thing they always talked about was the amazing technology. They record your swings and put them online so you can watch and break down your hand and body position and compare them to where they should be, so you always know what the next thing is you have to work on.”

Armed with newly honed golfing skills, Sean, the treasurer of the Brecksville Chamber of Commerce, says he is now able to get more involved in local events.

“Brecksville is a wonderful community to get involved in,” he says.

Fitness Together Brecksville_Mike Berlin Chron's Disease Client Success Story_Bronson Rotaru Personal Trainer_Personal Training Brecksville_44141
Rebuilt Core Strength after Crohn's Disease!
Fitness Together Brecksville_Mike Berlin Chron's Disease Client Success Story_Bronson Sean Sullivan Trainer_Personal Training Brecksville_44141
Mike Berlin *

Mike Berlin, Brecksville Resident

Article as seen in Mimi Vanderhaven

Published: 11/12/2014

by Patricia Nugent

For the more than 700,000 Americans suffering from Crohn’s disease, each day provides a set of challenges regarding chronic symptoms of abdominal cramping, irregularity, weight loss, and fatigue.

In Mike Berlin’s case, his symptoms had become progressively worse over a 20-year period, which ultimately lead to a nine-hour surgery in 2011 to remove half of his intestines and to fix other related issues. Mike had three abdominal surgeries spread out over a year-and-a-half, he spent over six weeks in the hospital, and he spent numerous months recovering at home in an adjustable bed.

“Needless to say, all of these surgeries had their affects on my abdominal, and overall, strength and conditioning,” The 45-year-old Brecksville resident says. “I wanted to get back into shape and a neighbor of mine had achieved success with the trainers at Fitness Together, so I gave it a shot.”

Mike started couple’s training with his wife, Fabi. The trainers’ workouts included core training for both of them. After a year, Mike reports he is in better shape than when he was in his 20s. “I am capable of doing things that I never thought possible, like the push-ups that I am doing for this photo shoot along with planks,” he says. “I have even managed to add all of the distance back to my golf game.”*

“Today, I am living with Crohn’s without taking any medication, which is pretty unusual,*” he says. “I credit the exercise regimen at Fitness Together, the taking of probiotics, and having a positive attitude. I look forward to my weekly workouts with the team at Fitness Together.”*

Sean Sullivan, owner of Fitness Together, says that Mike’s across-the-board improvement in endurance, muscle tone, and core strength is pretty much the norm at his fitness studio,* and so is the length of time clients faithfully stay with their prescribed programs.

“It’s all about accountability and results,” he says. “Once people see the difference customized training makes in their lives, they enjoy sticking with us.”

In addition to Sean, the other nationally certified trainers at the studio are Lisa Clark, Taynee Pearson, Monika Cotter, Steven Madden, Bronson Rotaru, and Adam Teplitz. Each of the private training suites is outfitted with the latest equipment, from cardio machines to TRX suspension bands, medicine and stability balls, and weights geared to both individual and small-group “pack” sessions.

“We offer an elite level of training, but with down-to-earth customer service,” says Sean. “No matter who you train with, everybody knows your name here. And clients are greeted at the door each visit with a towel and water bottle.”

In addition to exercise, Fitness Together also provides the Nutrition Together counseling program to encourage people to eat smarter and avoid unhealthy behaviors.

Sean says his clientele is evenly split down the middle in terms of gender, with all ages of the spectrum represented. But he does confess to having a favorite client…his 56-year-old mom, who is in remarkable shape.

After *

Mike M., Richfield resident

I have been overweight virtually all of my adult life. My sons knew me no other way – that was their dad. I felt regular knee and ankle pain, especially when playing sports. I would go on a diet, lose some weight, even significant weight, but it would come right back because I never really changed my habits. Any fix was just temporary.

Six months ago, I chose a two-prong approach to my health: personal training at Fitness Together and nutrition counseling in the Nutrition Together program. The education, advice, encouragement and inspiration that I received from these two programs has allowed me to make the permanent lifestyle changes I needed to live a healthier life.

The nutrition goal-setting, journaling and education set me on a path to healthier eating. And the personal trainers at Fitness Together helped me get stronger and fitter. There is a natural fear in getting started, because you may feel that you will look like a fool. The trainers at FT have a talent of developing workouts that are continuously more challenging, yet do not make you feel incompetent. I have enjoyed every one of the trainers I’ve worked with. I like to switch trainers because each has their own style and brings something different to the workout so no workout is the same as another. But every one of them offers the expertise, challenge and encouragement I need to keep moving toward my goals.

I had moderate stated goals, and I had some “stretch” goals that I kept to myself. But I did not even dare to dream that I could have the success that I did with Fitness Together. I have lost 65 pounds*, and have not been this weight since college. I am stronger than I have ever been in my life. My body fat went from 32% to around 12%*. I am playing baseball again without pain in my ankles and knees. And as a sign of my long-term health, my cholesterol has dropped 46 points!*

I am confident that this is truly the new me, not just another temporary fix. Thanks to Personal Training and Nutrition Together at Fitness Together, I have made changes in my lifestyle that will last a lifetime.*

Dave D.

Brecksville Resident

Fifteen months ago, I remember walking through the front door of Fitness Together in with no enthusiasm and very little expectation. Well, after 15 months, I’m 90 pounds lighter and 10 pants sizes smaller.* Not only am I in the shape I was in high school, I have exceeded my goals. The goal that I set and achieved did not come easy. It took a lot of hard work, dedication and determination. The constant education, encouragement, expertise and motivation that Fitness Together provides are the reason I may be in the best physical condition of my life!

After *

Jim and Pam

FT Brecksville Clients

When Jim and Pam made the decision to invest in their health, they turned to the professionals at Fitness Together.

"Pam and I couldn’t be happier with the results we have achieved at Fitness Together of Brecksville. I’ve lost more than 6 inches from my waist, more than 33 pounds*, and my body fat has gone from 30% to less than 16%*. Pam has gone from a size 8 to a size 2* and has lost nearly 20 pounds*. We feel great and have much more energy. People we haven’t seen in awhile are shocked when they see us."

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, improve your cardiovascular health, or increase your flexibility, our certified personal trainers can help you do it. Come tour our studio, receive a free fitness assessment from one of our world class personal trainers and find out whether Fitness Together is right for you.

Mike Z.

Brecksville Resident

I have been a member of Fitness Together for only a few months but it has had an enormous affect on my life physically, emotionally, and psychologically! I am a father of a 3 year old daughter, 1 year old son and my wife is expecting our third in July. In addition, I just started a new job so needless to say, it would be easy for me to make excuses and not take care of myself. At FT, the trainers have not only helped me focus on my diet and improve my eating/drinking habits, but they also keep my workouts interesting as they are never the same from one day to the next. Now, I find myself having more energy to play with my kids and being more patient at home as well as at work and that is priceless!*

Laura P.

Brecksville resident

Thanks to FT Brecksville, I've dropped 30 lbs., lowered my body fat significantly, lost more inches than I ever would have thought possible and decreased my metabolic age by 32 years*. I feel and look great and could not have done it without the team at FT Brecksville. The trainers design programs that are challenging, yet enjoyable at the same time.

Patty S.

Brecksville Resident

After my brother had a stroke several years ago I decided to take control of my health. I lost weight but then gained back 20lbs after an injury and surgery. Chronic pain became my excuse for not exercising, and I was feeling very discouraged. Fitness Together helped me put my excuses behind me and regain my motivation to take back my health. The workouts were challenging, and I found myself doing things I never thought I could do. With the personal attention I received, I was able to make adjustments in my nutrition and exercise that not only helped me to achieve my goals, but exceed them. I have lost 40lbs, gained muscle and have never felt so good.* I still can’t believe that’s me in the mirror! Thank you for helping me get into the best shape I’ve ever been!

Tina F.

Brecksville Resident

Dear FT Brecksville,
How can I begin to thank you for all you have done for me? You have not only transformed me physically, but also mentally and emotionally. With your help, I have realized that I can do anything that I put my mind to. You have given me a priceless gift that I can pass on to my family—The importance of fitness. Thank you for your constant support, not only during the workouts, but also during my mom’s illness and passing. You gave me the strength to make it through everything.*

Ray E.

Brecksville Resident

To me, the keyword in Fitness Together is the word “Together.” During the last year as a member of FT, I have experienced working with trained, certified and talented personal trainers who were always there for me when I needed information; both in areas of weight training and nutrition. Each trainer kept me motivated, on task and answered the many questions that I had.

After losing 51 pounds,* I picked up a 50-pound dumbbell and was shocked to realize that I had been carrying this much extra weight around with me. I have learned to be fit, eat clean and work hard at both for the rest of my life because of the great folks at Fitness Together.