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Stay Green this Spring with an Active Fitness Routine

Apr 11, 2013

As warm sun rays soak up the last of winter’s moisture and your cooped-up winter body is itching to take your fitness routine to the great outdoors, the springtime can bring a season of new growth, renewal and fresh beginnings for both you and Mother Earth.

While tree leaves and backyard lawns are well known for reappearing in shades of glorious green colors this time of year, you also can bring some green to your fitness routine as you embark on living a healthy and fit lifestyle this spring. With the celebration of Earth Day this month, it’s the perfect time to focus on the Three R’s of the environment by incorporating the following green tips into your active fitness routine. 

  • Reduce:  While the common attitude in today’s culture is, “more is better,” the health and vitality of the planet relies on fewer toxins in the air for the betterment of the world and the people who live in it.  You can not only improve the health of Mother Earth but also your fitness level by focusing this spring on reducing the car exhaust and emissions that escape from your vehicle and household into the atmosphere. You can reduce your family’s carbon footprint by riding your bike to run errands, drop off/pick up your kids from school and perform any other transportation duties around your neighborhood. You also can reduce the electricity you use to work out by trading in the electrically powered treadmill for an outdoor track or running/walking path.
  • Reuse: The past generations of our grandparents and great-grandparents lived in a time when reusing everything was more of a norm than it is today. You can get back to your roots and make the Earth a better place to live for future generations by reusing many of your day-to-day items, ranging from plastic grocery bags to sandwich baggies and water bottles. You can start implementing a zero-waste philosophy during your workouts by eliminating the waste of plastic water bottles and paper water cups commonly found at workout facilities and endurance events. Instead, bring your own reusable water container with you during all of your workout activities and carry a reusable bottle with you throughout your day to ensure that your daily water drinking routine is green. 
  • Recycle: One of the best ways to make your workout routine green this spring is to incorporate your daily calorie burn with giving back to the community once or twice each month. For instance, you can volunteer at a local recycling center to get a good workout lifting and organizing recyclable goods. You also can get up and get active outside the house by recycling your lawn and garden clippings.   

Take your workout routine to greener levels this spring by incorporating these few simple tips into your daily life and fitness regimen. By getting outside and getting active this spring you will not only make a difference in your health and fitness, but also help to make a difference in the world and community in which you live.


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