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A Family Legacy

May 3, 2016

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, and as the nation is in a flutter of phone calls, touching cards and springtime brunches, it’s a wonderful opportunity to feel and express appreciation for your mother, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and friends. If you have kids, depending on their ages, you know by now to happily brace yourself for mostly-edible breakfast in bed, handmade cards, a bouquet of flowers or two, and some phone calls of your own. Thoughtful and welcomed expressions of love. As you ponder upon your mom, whether she’s with you in person or in spirit, you might smile at her gentleness, chuckle at her very light grasp on technology and wonder at her ability to clothe, dress, feed and educate your childhood household. Regardless of our experiences with our mom or mother-figure, they’ve left something with us; a legacy – an heirloom garden chocked full of habits and values. Good or bad, positive or not, legacies are formed, imprinted and left, long after the flesh-and-blood parts of someone have gone. If you’ve ever wondered at how your own legacy will look, it’s a not-simple topic to consider. Whether you have children, nieces and nephews, kids of friends, or even a younger and mentor-able crew of co-workers or church members, your own legacy garden is being defined.

The good news: we happen to know that you are making major strides in sprucing up your legacy-resume. Every time you come to the Fitness Together® studio to meet with your trainer, you’re letting those who look up to you know that taking care of your health, keeping your weight in check and taking the time to care for yourself is important. They are subconsciously taking mental notes that read this way: investing hours and finances into the betterment of yourself is worthwhile.

Know a few people who could benefit from catching the healthier lifestyle bug? Perhaps your own mom, your kids, or anyone else from the legion of folks looking up to you? Why not gently introduce them to your love for exercising? Instead of getting together for lunch or coffee, take a chatty walk around the neighborhood. Maybe invite them over for a healthy meal, walking to the store together first for ingredients. One last great idea: invite them to try out FT. As a well-meaning loved one, your advice and cheerleading can only go so far. The fitness and nutrition experts at our studios can skillfully start with him or her right where they are, and provide education and motivation to keep them going in the right direction. Plus – we all know that advice is often a little easier to take from someone who isn’t related to you.

This Mother’s Day, in between brunches, church and phone calls, take a moment to reflect upon exactly what you’d like to leave with your loved ones. Which messages are coming through like a bullhorn, and which ones could use a little amplifying? And amid the self-reflection time, be sure to give yourself a little pat on the back for making a very good start on a very healthy legacy.


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