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Proper breathing while exercising

Sep 24, 2019

During resistance training there is a lot to think about; the position of your body, activating the right muscle groups and moving through the correct motion. Often times we forget about a very important element of exercise, breathing! While these other components are important, breathing is just as significant! The following tips will help to improve your breathing and help you to gain all the benefits of an exercise!

  • Always exhale during the concentric phase or the exertion portion of your exercise (i.e. the upward motion of the bench press)
  • Always inhale on the eccentric or or muscle lengthening phase of an exercise (i.e. the lowering phase of a squat)
  • Avoid val salva, or holding your breath, during an exercise. This can lead to a sudden spike in your blood pressure, putting strain on your vessels
  • Steer clear of short, shallow breaths and focus on rhythmical, deep inhalations and exhalations

Why is all of this important?

  • Proper breathing will help you to better move through a range of motion, maximizing the benefits of strength training, moving you closer toward your goals
  • Your muscles need oxygen to create and utilize energy in order to sustain multiple contractions over an exercise period!

Ask your trainer for breathing techniques and tips in order to maximize your workout!

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