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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Dave Norton

Achievements: Lost 40 lbs*, gained energy and confidence

Dave Norden came to Fitness Together 40 lbs. overweight and suffering from back pain. Says trainer Brendan Stapleton, “When I first met Dave, he was lacking the confidence he needed to get fit and live a healthier life. He wasn’t ready to take that step without a trainer.” In 8 months, Dave lost 40 lbs, gained strength and confidence and is seeing improvements with every workout*. “He’s much stronger and fitter,” says his trainer, “but at the same time he’s definitely gained a lot of the confidence that he needed to live a healthier lifestyle.” Dave’s next goal? The Boston Marathon.

Tracy Simpson

Achievements: Tracy lost 50 lbs and dropped six dress sizes.* Tracy completed the Tough Mudder challenge last spring, a grueling10-mile military-style challenge.

Tracy first came to Fitness Together when she realized the baby weight she’d put on three years prior wasn’t going to come off without some major changes to her lifestyle. Tracy committed to her training and nutrition program and saw greater results than she ever imagined. “My trainers are amazing. They are the primary reason why I come here.” Since starting at FT Tracy has lost 50 lbs.* and went from a size 14 to a size 2.* She also increased strength and flexibility and has competed in the incredibly demanding Tough Mudder challenge. Her trainer says “She really has kicked up her strength in a big way. She’s continuing to grow, as far as her strength, flexibility, and improving her overall health.”

Marguerite - age 44

I started at Fitness Together – Auburndale in February 2008 with the goal of getting back into an exercise regime and have been there ever since! I have now lost over 45 pounds, my body fat percentage has decreased and I feel like a new person*. The workouts are fun and serious at the same time. At Fitness Together you are pushed to give your workout the best effort and take it to the next level. My trainer is caring, understanding, motivational while honest with their approach and his commitment to helping me reach my goals has been unwavering.

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Fitness Together's private, one-on-one personal training system works because it is based on real body-transformation science, proven by principles and fact.

Our system is completely gimmick-free. We make no claims of "miraculous, effortless weight loss" or "amazing fat-melting secrets." We are not a pre-packaged frozen dinner weight loss club, and we sell no fitness gizmos or weight loss pills.

We are not a gym membership that will not be used, or a diet that will not be followed, or an exercise video that will get dusty on the shelf. If you believe that getting fit is "fast and easy" then you have come to the wrong place.

We have put together a program that can work where all others fail. But don't take my word for it...see the word of some of our clients...people who decided to make a commitment to changing their lives forever.

Mike O - age 51

At my 50 year old physical, my doctor said I was a ‘Lipitor” candidate but he would give me three months to do something about it. That is where Tony and his crew at Fitness Together came in. In those three months I lowered my cholesterol 30 points and my blood pressure 20*. With no major lifestyle changes, just a commitment to well being, they have me in the best shape of my life at 51. (Not to mention my wife loves my new “guns.”)

Melissa P - age 45

After giving birth to the twins, I wanted to have more energy to play with my children and feel stronger as I enter my mid-40’s. I have felt stronger, lost some weight and it keeps me focused on taking care of myself*. My clothes fit better and I am in better shape for skiing. It works for me to have an appointment. What I like is the privacy, the individual attention and the scheduled appointment.

Ann D - age 51

I was the heaviest I ever weighed and just dragging all the time. I had joined gyms in the past, but never went regularly. I decided I needed to work with a trainer who could help me get on track. My experience at Fitness Together has been entirely positive.

They have developed a great program for me and push me to do my best. I can even say some of the workouts are fun, especially the boxing and throwing the balls to the ground as hard as I can.

What has impressed me is that everyone at FT is interested in my success. All of the trainers know my name and ask how I am doing even though I am not working with them. Other members are encouraging and enthusiastic. Doing my cardio on off days has become a part of my routine.

I actually enjoy my workouts.

Although it is more expensive than a regular gym, I am getting much more from the experience as demonstrated by my weight loss*. I feel so much stronger and better about myself. The investment is definitely worth it. Thanks to all.

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Ron R - age 40

I knew I was going to be turning 40 soon and I felt like I was in the worst shape of my life. Finally, my wife was sick of listening to me and said that she thought I should go back and see Tony. That was the best decision I have made in a long time. After working with the trainers for the last 8 weeks, I have lost over 25 pounds* and have not enjoyed exercising this much since I was 25. They are pushing me harder than I could ever push myself and it feels great. The team at FT in Auburndale is terrific and I look forward to every training session. I cant wait to lose the next 25!

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Maria G - age 28

With her parents owning a thriving Greek restaurant, food was always at the center of Maria's family culture. Every special occasion, every happy moment, was associated with some kind of delicious, special food. It became impossible to keep the pounds from adding up. Over the years she had tried exercise and diet in spurts, but it was only when she partnered with Fitness Together that she was able to get her body back to where she wanted it. Before this photo was taken she was offered her choice of FT tee shirt sizes. Thrilled tears came to her eyes when she said, "I'm a small!"

"She's a model client. She keeps up with her scheduled sessions, does her cardio, and follows the FT nutrition counseling. She put her trust in us, and her faith in herself, and that's how she lost over 60 pounds*, and kept it off."

Sandra F - age 30

Fitness Together has offered me something I had forgotten I possessed... strength. It has allowed me to not only gain back physical strength and endurance, but has recaptured my inner strength as well. My trainer has pushed me to limits I thought I couldn't reach, while being supportive as a guide to remind me that I'm not alone in my quest. I'm grateful to this experience, and even at my half-way point, I'm fitter, leaner, lighter, and stronger than ever!*

Peggy R - age 67

I LOVE the personal feeling. The atmosphere is upbeat, lots of laughs and encouragement. The time flies by!

I would say if you have been avoiding exercise and fitness training, this is THE PLACE to go! You will really feel a desire to go to your sessions, not only because you feel better afterwards but because you enjoy the company of the trainer, and the other staff and clients. I also like the size of the facility. Very personal, non-competitive, friendly, convenient, and FUN!