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Perfecting The Pull up

Nov 18, 2010

The pull up. The ultimate upper body test of strength. It is extremely hard to achieve the level of strength needed to complete a full pull up, but with these next few helpful tips, hopefully you can work your way to perfecting one!


Working the muscle through a full range of motion is key when it comes to developing strength and hypertrophy. However, focusing more on the eccentric portion of a lift (the lowering or stretching action) can help you break through strength plateau's. To perform the eccentric only part of a chin, grab hold of the pull up bar, jump as high as possible, and then lower yourself in a controlled manner. Try to lower yourself as slow as possible each time.

Band Assisted Pull Ups:

Bands are extremely helpful when it comes to resistance training because you can use them to help you through the "sticking points" of a lift. Loop a band around the pull up bar, put your knees into the loop, and perform a pull up. The band will be fully stretched when you are in the hanging position, which will give you help through the hardest part of the range of motion. As you reach the top of the pull up the band will have less tension, making you work harder through the top portion of the lift, which is where you are the strongest.

Try performing these movements, and soon you will be on your way to perfecting the pull up!



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