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Love Pasta? No Problem!

Love Pasta? No Problem!

Eric-Fitness Together Newtonville & Auburndale

Coming from an Italian family, I grew up on pasta Sundays. Over the years, as my diet has evolved into a more gluten free, no bread/pasta, type, I have taken out pasta completely.

However, just the other day as I was walking down one of the areas more marketable grocery store, I came across quinoa pasta. I had to give it a shot! Quinoa is sprouted grain but is relative to leafy green vegetables (1)! Quinoa is also high in protein, making it a perfect meal item.

I was rather impressed with the texture and after adding some grass fed butter and salt and pepper it was delicious! Give quinoa pasta a try! Mix some vegetables in with it and enjoy!


Fitness Together Newtonville & Auburndale


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