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Interval Training For Fat Loss

Jul 27, 2012

Steady state cardio is a great tool for improving your body composition. Walking can help burn fat and rid you of those stubborn areas. However, high intensity interval training (HIIT) is an even more effective way to burn fat. And the kicker is..........the duration is MUCH shorter than steady state cardio! Give this a try to stoke your metabolism and increase fat burning:

On a treadmill, hit the manual option. Once the treadmill starts, put the speed at a pace where you are at a slight jog. This is going to be your jogging speed, so remember the MPH. You will jog at this pace for 45 seconds, then you will jack up the MPH to a speed where you are at a sprint. Sprint for 15 seconds, then turn the speed down to your jog speed. That was what we will call your "first rep". You will perform 10 "reps", or ten minutes of interval training.

This is an effective way to perform your cardio and changes up the usual boring, steady state way of doing things!


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