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Hallo....Ween Off The Candy

Oct 25, 2011

With Halloween right around the corner, temptation follows in the form of sweets! How do we make it through the weekend (or month) without ransacking the children’s candy stash? Here are a few simple guidelines to follow that will help curb those cravings!

1. If you buy candy to hand out, buy the kind you don’t enjoy!

2. Give yourself a limit on how many pieces you are "allowed". As in two, not five! Once the limit is reached, you are done. NO EXCEPTIONS!

3. Put your excess candy (or your kids candy), out of site. That way its not in your plain view all the time. If you have to work harder to find or get to it, you most likely wont go the extra mile to do so.

4. Give away your excess candy!

5. Eat 70% or greater dark chocolate when you are having a sweets craving. The antioxidants found in dark chocolate are very beneficial.

Don’t let this holiday ruin your nutrition/weight goals. Limit yourself, but do not deprive! Good luck and be safe!


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