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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

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25 Pounds Lighter.*

My weight loss journey began long before I joined Fitness Together and was, for the most part, unsuccessful. In spite of regular runs, I failed to shed weight and had all but given up.

Like many others faced with the uphill battle of losing a significant amount of weight, I believed the task to be almost impossible, mostly because I simply had no idea what to do at the gym.

Then, I joined Fitness Together and after just 24 sessions with my trainer, I am 25 pounds lighter and most of the way to my ideal weight.*

Beyond the numbers on the scale, my blood pressure has dropped to healthy levels, I sleep better than I have in years, have more energy throughout the day and am much more mindful of my eating habits than ever before.

My trainer taught me to work out in a way that actually yielded results right away: with structure and a logical flow of exercises. With every workout, we pushed my limits well beyond what I had convinced myself I was capable of, without ever a single injury. I started to feel better within just a few sessions and actually began to look forward to my workouts.

My confidence has increased to the point that I no longer dread new exercises but rather embrace the challenge and I feel genuine pride and achievement every time I leave the FT studio.

My experience at Fitness Together is more than just adding an exercise regimen to my schedule: it has been a true lifestyle change, one that I was never able to achieve alone.


Ashland, MA

Caryn Before
Caryn Running
After *


From Radiation Treatments to 5Ks!*

When I first started with Fitness Together, I had just finished chemo and was in the middle of radiation treatments. I was very weak and tired, had gained 15 pounds, and just wanted to gain some strength and energy back to do everyday normal activities without getting so winded.

During the first few sessions at FT, I was very easily fatigued and needed constant breaks/rests. My trainer was so patient with me, while also encouraging and motivating me at the same time which made me want to push myself a little harder at each session.

Eventually, the sessions became much easier and I became stronger and had more endurance and strength. After only 7 short weeks at Fitness Together, I was able to participate in my first 5K ever! After a few months, I had shed the 15 pounds of extra weight and was working out on my own in addition to my sessions at FT.* I actually have more energy today than I did before my diagnosis.* And I credit that all to the Fitness Together Personal Trainers.

I have told all my friends how great my experience was at Fitness Together and how they personalize your workout to your individual wants and needs. I would also highly recommend FT to other cancer patients to either help them keep up their strength during treatments or to help gain back energy after treatments have ended*. They have had a huge positive impact on improving my health and in turn, my overall happiness as well.

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Transformation Is About More Than the Scale.

I just pulled out photos taken at the beach last summer and I can’t believe how much my body has changed.*

After training just a short time with Fitness Together, I was initially disappointed with my modest 6 pound weight loss.*

Now looking back at last year’s vacation pictures, I can really see the difference in my body!

My arms look and feel so much stronger and my clothes fit so much better now.


Hopkinton, MA