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Simple Workout for Students

Apr 24, 2020

Calisthenics! Did I just bring up some really bad memories of gym class?

While we have come a long way from boring workout routines where we do high numbers of simple repetitive exercises, they are still a great way to get in a brief workout session that includes lots of large muscle groups - we like to call these gross motor movements. What makes this style of exercise especially great right now is that they require very little equipment and rely only on your body weight to perform.

Before we get to the exercises, we do need to provide a general caution about taking on a new exercise routine. Consulting a pro is best and we can help you. Our virtual training programs are in full swing. They are fun, help to keep our clients moving and help a lot of people handle the stress we are currently learning how to handle. Some people just want to maintain their fitness level and some are using some extra time they now have to set new goals. Either way, we are here for everyone. *Please pay attention to your exertion level and reduce the speed or intensity of what you are doing if you feel the exercise is getting to be too much. Also, do not perform any exercises if you don't feel like you can do so safely. If you have a question, just ask! We would be happy to give you some free pointers.

All of the exercises are in the video but we are listing them here to make it easier to follow along. Again, contact us if you have any questions.

Simple Youth Workout:

For this workout, you will need:

  • A clear area large enough to take a few steps in any direction.
  • A stopwatch, clock with a second hand or a friend to help you count out your intervals.
  • An optional item is an agility ladder or tape/chalk to make a ladder **Be sure to ask permission first.

This workout consists of eight different exercises. We recommend you perform each for 35 seconds, then take a 15 second rest period, then move onto the next exercise. You can repeat this cycle as many times as you'd like. Be sure to watch the video for a full demonstration of this entire workout.

1. Jumping Jacks - start with feet together, arms at your sides, as you hop your feet out, bring your arms up above your head.

2. Side Shuffles - start with feet shoulder width apart, bend knees to about or just before 90°, keep your hips back, and move sideways to the opposite end of your workout space, then repeat going back the other way.

3. 180° Hops - start in a frog position with both feet facing forward, and your arms touching down on or towards the ground between your legs, explode up and land facing the opposite direction. Keep your landing soft by allowing the balls of your feet to contact the ground first, then letting heels come down.

4. High Knees - run in place, make sure to pump arms as well.

5. Lateral Hops - jump sideways, one foot at a time, land on balls of your feet.

6. Inch Worms- start in standing position, bend at your hips to touch the floor, then walk your hands out until you get to a high plank position, then walk hands back towards your feet and repeat.

7. Shoulder Taps - Get into a high plank position, keeping hands lined up under shoulders, feet shoulder width apart, core engaged. Then bend one elbow, reach across and tap your opposite shoulder with your hand, repeat on other side.

8. "Agility Ladder" Side Hops - place shoes or any other two objects about 2 feet apart, start on the outside of one object, hop over object sideways with one foot at a time, then hop over next object. Repeat going back to original spot.

Remember to have fun and slow down or stop exercising if you feel you are working too hard.



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