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Blog / Cardio

Challenge of the Week: January 20

Jan 20, 2014 Cardio

Dare to go Dairy-free this week?

Where Do Vitamin Supplements Come From?

Andrews, et al Jul 15, 2012 Cardio

Wonder how vitamins are manufactured?  Read on.

Running for Fat loss 2

Joshua Morgan Jul 3, 2012 Cardio

Wondering about just how you should start a sprint program?  Read on

Running for Fatloss

Joshua Morgan Jun 27, 2012 Cardio

If you want to lose more fat in less time, read on.

All about Microwave Cooking

Joshua Morgan Jun 7, 2012 Cardio

So many of us use microwaves in our daily cooking.  And we're bombarded with so much conflicting information when it comes to microwaves.  

All about Preserved Produce

Ryan Andrews, et al Apr 26, 2012 Cardio

Think those canned vegetables aren't good for you? Perhaps it's time to think again.

Shopping with my Wife

Harry Selkow Apr 20, 2012 Cardio

I thought I'd share with you this gem written by Harry Selkow who reminds us that the ingredients on our labels should match up with our nutritional plans/goals.

Complex vs Fundamentals and Fat Loss Part 1

Joshua Morgan Jan 8, 2012 Cardio

There are so many diet programs in magazines, TV, books, etc.  We're pushed pills, powders, and other supplements in that all to common goal of fat loss.  Problem is we're jumping into all of this without understanding the fundamentals--the basics.  Everything falters without a strong foundation.

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