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Personal Training Success Stories

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Rose C


From the age of 15 until I was in my early 30’s I was always underweight (I even resorted to taking medication to increase my appetite to get me to 100 lbs!). In my late 20’s I started developing extreme fatigue and muscle & joint pain. Up until then I was a high-energy person. I was eventually diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease that causes debilitating fatigue, affects the heart, lungs, joints and major organs. I was told the best way to manage this disease was to reduce stress. I managed to avoid the typical treatment of steroids for the first 15 years after my diagnosis. But, then came mid-life and hormonal changes which wreaked havoc on the Lupus. I needed to take prednisone briefly for the first time since my diagnosis. I gained 40 lbs in a 4 year period. I went from a size 6 to a size 12. I tried a weight loss program but I knew that without devoting time to exercise…..I wouldn’t make any real progress. I needed to do both.

With my family history (my mother had a heart attack at age 41 and my father has hypertension and had two strokes), my high blood pressure and high cholesterol, extra weight, along with Lupus – I was at a very high risk for developing heart disease like my parents and most of my relatives.

In 2010 I was unhappy in an extremely busy job, working as an Executive Assistant for 12-14 hours a day at a Boston hospital, with a long commute and just didn’t have the time or the energy to get motivated to exercise. I got the courage to leave that position and last January (2011) moved into a great new rewarding job that I love, at the same institution. It was just a month or so later that I began to face marital issues and eventual separation. My self-esteem plummeted. I knew I needed to take control of my life and find a way to cope with the stress, eat healthier and improve my strength. It was time to focus on me for a change. I believe that I was able to get thru this most difficult year in large part due to my training at Fitness Together.

I didn’t think I could afford personal training – but FT worked hard to find a way to allow me to manage it financially. I spend two days a week with my trainer- Dawn, who helps me find routines that protect me from injury. She knows when to push me and when to ease up if I am not feeling well. This method helps me stay consistent. I have more energy, strength and flexibility. I’ve lost 30 lbs!* I have 10 lbs to go to get back to my ideal dress size (6)!

Most importantly – I’ve significantly improved my health. I have been a client for one year, and recently had my first physical in nearly three years. I’ve lowered my blood pressure, reduced my cholesterol significantly, and my c-reactive protein (which measures inflammation- mine has always been very high) was completely normal for the first time in 20 years. I haven’t had a significant Lupus flare in more than a year. I feel better at age 50 than I did at 30!

The best part is that I love my time at the gym (especially the strength training) and really look forward to going. I am completely comfortable and happy with the entire staff at FT in Sudbury. I won’t ever look back. I have improved my mental and physical health, and I look forward to my happy and healthy future!*

Janice D


The trainers are excellent and the workouts are challenging, fun and flexible. I also love the individual attention and the private workout studios. My lifelong aversion to the gym is gone! I’ve never been able to stick to an exercise program for more than six weeks. I’ve been at Fitness Together in Sudbury for almost a year – and I still love it! Great workouts, great staff and great results! I can’t say enough about this program. It’s challenging, interesting and fun. The trainers work with people at all fitness levels and customize the program just for you – it doesn’t get better than that!*

Helen G


Aerobics. Weights. Stretching. A complete body workout making you feel better than when you arrived at the studio. I am stronger and healthier since I started training with Dawn. She tailor makes a workout that challenges me every time - never a boring day since I started nearly 8 years ago!*

Meagen B


The staff at FT Sudbury is extremely professional - and highly motivating. My trainer, Jess, is amazing!! She works with me to reach my goals, reminds me of them every workout and makes workout is FUN as well as CHALLENGING!

Josh, the owner did an incredible job matching me to Jess - which is only one point of the attention to detail that Josh takes with each and every client. No matter your condition or fitness level FT Sudbury is the place that will help you get to where you want to be with your fitness.

I had been in another weight loss program that wasn't taking into consideration my level of activity and Josh told me about Vitabot - the Fitness Together food tracker. I am now able to make sure that I am taking in enough calories for weight loss and that my vitamins and nutrition are being tracked completely. It's an AMAZING tool. I recommend it highly.

With the best people, the right equipment and the latest technology - FT Sudbury ROCKS!*

Kate Bell


It is hard for me to believe that I have been coming to Fitness Together for nearly 8 years. My goals were "feeling better", better balance, and better overall fitness. I have realized all of these and more. Dawn Squier is a great trainer. She makes it fun, never boring, and is always throwing in new and different exercises. She also has been terrific about modifying any exercise program, based on how I feel. I have been able to continue to work out through colds, a sore neck and a shoulder injury. I know that if I had been exercising on my own , I would never be where I am now. Thank you Fitness Together.*

Linda G


I just wanted you to know that Fitness Together has really changed my life and perspective on physical health, which in turn has had a positive effect on my mental health. I feel that the one on one attention and interaction with the personal trainers at Fitness Together is such a great experience. I have no reservations about recommending Fitness Together to anyone I happen to have a conversation with about "getting fit" or "back in shape". I am thrilled with the results I’ve gotten.*

Ralph McManus


After doing a lot of traveling for three straight years, I was finally home for a while. I wanted to get back into playing Softball. I had received a brochure from Fitness Together in Sudbury through the mail and decided to go check it out. I found Josh to be very knowledgeable and he seemed to know what kind of work-out I would need to get in shape in time for the start of the season. I signed-up for the 20 session package and started going twice a week. Josh created a training program to optimize my work-outs towards this particular sport. Josh was also very flexible with my workout scheduling, since the game days varied from week to week. I’ve now been going to Fitness Together over 12 years and played twelve full seasons of softball injury free; no pulled hamstrings or calf muscles. I was able to go out there and just play to my full potential and not have to worry about hurting myself. I’m now going three times a week in anticipation of another full season of softball.*

Ed Westerman


Through a variety of serendipitous events, I found FT Sudbury. I was 62, out of shape and over weight; hadn't done anything for my physical and mental health since stopping running eleven years before.

Five months have passed and I have lost 20 pounds and, more importantly, 3" off my waist.* Although not the aging stud I hoped to be, I feel terrific, look better and am on my way to loosing another 20 pounds and 3" off my waist.

Thanks to FT Sudbury and its terrific, dedicated trainers I will get to my goal. Keep it going folks.*

Larry and Elin N


We finally found a gym where we can both work-out. We saw results almost immediately. We haven’t felt this good in years. The staff is very knowledgeable and supportive. FT was just what we needed.*

Sean M


Fitness Together is a great place to train and get in shape. At 40 I decided to get in the shape of my life. I work a lot and have kids so workouts were always my last thought and always were pushed aside when something had to give and usually did. I had a gym membership that I never used and I was in decent shape from the random activities that I do but was starting to gain weight over time. I started with fitness together to put myself in a setting where my training was structured and I didn't need to think about the workouts. Also one on one gives me the ability to do my best and not be limited by others attitudes or abilities. I just go and work hard and see results. I always come out of there feeling as if I have worked hard with the trainer and always am happy I went to the workout. My trainer Kevin is awesome. He is very energetic and a positive motivator. He pushes me hard but is always making sure I don't over do. I definitely work out harder there than I would do myself as the reps and sets are unknown to me until I am doing them. I don't get to say "ah, I am less motivated today I will just do a quick workout." When I am not feeling up to what we are doing, Kevin is quick to find something else we can do, so I still get a full workout without overdoing it. Also the management is awesome and are focused on the clients success. I have been there for 7 months now and have lost about 10lbs and now am at my optimal weight and a lot stronger than before. I have reduced my body fat considerably and I am getting lean and muscular. I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to lose weight or get in better shape. They will tailor the workout just for you even if you never have worked out before.*

David K


As a busy medical professional with an uncertain schedule due to hospital call/work and not to mention the demands of three children and their schedules, I was uncertain whether joining Fitness Together Sudbury would be any different from the other failed gym memberships that had gone by the wayside due to time constraints. I was so pleasantly surprised however at how accommodating everyone at Fitness Together -Sudbury was to the variability in my schedule. This was the first membership where I actually saw positive results in strength, flexibility, and weigh loss.

I happened to work with Chris, Justin, Kevin and Sarah because of my schedule, all of whom were excellent, positive and definitely encouraging. They made the workouts interesting and introduced exercises that made the most of my valuable time by working out different muscle groups at once as well as on the core abdominal group. Cardiovascular and stretching exercises were also an integral part of the workouts. I can not say enough about my experience thus far, but it's greatest strengths are the people that work there including Dawn and owner Josh who check in on you with follow up emails or calls.

I've lost 13 lbs since October and have definitely seen healthy improvements in all aspects of my physical conditioning.* Thanks Fitness Together Sudbury! You guys are awesome!*

Kristine R


I recently completed the “Nutrition Together” program and I am so happy. I learned which foods were healthier choices and which seemingly healthy foods were poor choices. I have lost 12 lbs and I am so thrilled with my results.*

Jim Reiss


This organization is very unique with its approach to helping one's self to live a happier and healthier life. This is much more than a personal training facility and concept. First they have all the equipment you would ever need including aerobic equipment to use before or after a session - even a very clean bathroom/shower for those who do their workout before going to work. Whether you want to use one trainer or want to try different trainers is of course a personal preference. At first, I thought I would want to "bond" with one trainer but when I couldn't see that particular trainer after a few sessions due to my schedule, I tried a different one, then another and another. Came to find that each trainer is incredibly qualified, upbeat, and has a unique style but within the confines of your workout regimen which is documented for each session in their systems - it gave me variety and made it even more enjoyable. Another area that sets them apart is that they give you a workout routine which is easily doable at home with little to no equipment if you are so motivated (many of us though cannot maintain that motivation which is why they really are needed to maintain a routine). As an added bonus, they provide a nutritionist who can advise you and help you eat the things you like but in a more health conscious way - they provide articles and even provide a mobile app which the nutritionist can follow what you're consuming and provide feedback for you. This organization located in Sudbury and Wayland is truly a unique and amazing organization. Fitness Together is a franchise so this review is specific to these two locations (because not every franchisee is the same).*

Brie Drummond


With the help and support of the staff at FT I have completely changed my lifestyle. I now work out every day and have overhauled how and what I eat. Since starting at FT 2 years ago I have lost one-third of my weight and am now off one medication and am close to being taken off the other one.* I've tried on my own countless times to lose weight this is the only way that has worked - and lasted. If you are ready to make permanent changes in your life, they are the ones to go to for help.*

Genia F


I've been a client for 6+ years and can say nothing but positive things about my experience with this gym. The staff is always very helpful and supportive, projects a positive attitude and helps you overcome your hesitancies. I work under Dawn's supervision but in all these years had a chance to be trained by different members of the staff. Every coach has his or her own style but they all are very dedicated people and I was never dissatisfied. I feel much stronger, much better and they also helped me with my weight loss. The gym is very clean and well equipped. If you join you won't regret it!*

Debra T


I joined Fitness Together 2.5 years ago and it has been so good for me. I am stronger, have more stamina and am more fit than at any other point in my life. It is a place where I have always felt comfortable and where my trainers are very invested in my doing well.

I can't say enough about how important these sessions have been for me in terms of body and mind. Knowing that I have a scheduled session with someone expecting me is a big motivator and I like having exercise which is tailored to my needs and my abilities. There have been many benefits for me from better coordination to greater confidence in myself. Highly, highly recommend.*

Dinah A


I had gained over 100 lbs in my first few years moving from Florida to Boston and taking on an 80 hour a week work schedule. At the behest of a friend, she implored that I simply "walk-in" to a Fitness Together near my home and the Sudbury Studio was the closest one. Nine years later, I am still going several times a week (and this is coming from a person who was never athletic or active past their teen years). After meeting the owner, Josh, and answering some basic questions (What were my goals, etc), I discussed weight loss, strength, balance and flexibility as things I would like to change / improve. I started working out with Dawn (the studio manager) and in the first five months, I lost nearly half of what I had gained. Due to my own scheduling conflicts, I moved around with various trainers to accommodate my very hectic work schedule. I can honestly say that Josh is very savvy about who he hires to train his clients and I have always been happy and made positive strides with whomever I worked out with. I am currently working with Andy Wong, who is terrific at helping people with injuries as I have a chronic back issue. I have gotten stronger and more flexible with Andy's help. The studio becomes like a family (and this doesn't just apply to the trainers but to the other clients working out around your time slots). If you are looking to improve any aspect of your physical health, don't hesitate to simply "walk-in" and meet and chat with the trainers. Your first session is free so you have nothing to lose (other than weight) and what you will gain (strength, flexibility, camaraderie and higher self esteem) is priceless.*

Christy C


Where to begin? They are just awesome. From the very first meeting with Josh, the owner to the last workout I had. Every experience here has been 5 stars. Josh has the best energy (you do, Josh). Not too pushy but so helpful and SUPER positive. It's like he's genuinely excited you're getting fit. :) And it makes you WANT to get fit. The trainers are ALL great. Friendly, fun and all very knowledgeable and all very able to modify for whatever obstacles you have. Best of all: its nice and private, so if you're a little intimidated (like me) to workout at a gym in front of countless people, this is your place! Oh and honestly the prices are so reasonable. Whether its their Sudbury or Wayland location you really cannot go wrong here. Thanks guys!*

Chris Connolly


I have been going to Fitness Together for four months now and the only mistake I made was I didn't come here years ago. I would've saved all the money I wasted at other gyms and programs that I never went to. I can honestly say that this is the first time in my life that I really look forward to going to the gym and working out. Thanks Andy and Josh!*

Kate B


I have been a client of Fitness Together for more than seven years. During that time I have worked with many of the trainers and they have all been very professional and wonderful to work with.

I recently had a total hip replacement. Throughout the time before the surgery, my trainer was able to make accommodations so that I could maintain my overall strength. This helped tremendously during recovery, making it easier and faster. It has been a great compliment to Physical Therapy, and I know I will continue with Fitness Together after the Physical Therapy sessions end.

The ability of my Fitness Together trainer to develop and alter my training regime as needed has made it possible for me to continue working out. I look forward to bicycling this summer and skiing next winter.

Thank You Fitness Together!

Barrie M


The team at FITNESS TOGETHER SUDBURY rocks!! It works because EVERY session is tailored to the client; with a workout that is varied each time. The expertise from the trainers translates into focused coaching for YOU the client (e.g. adjusting a position of an arm or leg, precision in terms of the specific exercise positions, or some straight talk like "you can go through the motions or really work the exercise"). I can also attest that if it were not for the scheduled sessions, there are PLENTY of mornings I would have chosen to sleep in. ESPECIALLY In Winter!!! The team helps me stay disciplined; varies exercises each time to keep me interested; and challenges me with new exercises that I think seem impossible until I achieve them! On top of everything else Dawn who runs the studio is AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING and she is incredibly accommodating when my work schedule requires me to reschedule sessions. I can't recommend FITNESS TOGETHER SUDBURY enough.

Zubair K


I have been working out here for two months. I had back surgery and there was no decent PT place around. FT staff mixed PT with weights and I now feel strong, and have gained muscle. They document your progress and modify exercises to suit you (unlike other places that have a fixed set of exercises that they use on everyone). They will also monitor your diet and recommend diet based on goals. Thumbs up for Moonin.

Jon Y


Josh, I'd like to thank you, Dawn and Andy and all of the wonderful employees of the very well run Fitness Together program. We're I to run a business again, I'd model it after Fitness Together! All the employees address me by name, they are very knowledgable and helpful. You have taken care of the "little touches" such as cold bottles of water, towels and making the cardio machines available when not in heavy rotation! Most of all, employees seem to genuinely enjoy what they do, and working for you!

From my point of view, the wonderful thing is I've gotten just what I hoped to get from the program! I've lost 38 lbs and dramatically increased my strength! Thanks to all.

Lisa O


I like the one-on-one focused training that targets my needs and helps me to reach my goals. I am learning more about strength training and cardio and realize I am capable of more than I thought possible. My trainer, Moonin, is excellent at breaking down my long term goals into short term goals that are attainable. He also pushes me beyond what I would have done on my own and I am successful (sometimes to my surprise!). FT is exactly what I need. I always look forward to coming because I learn something new each time I come and I feel so much better! I have even learned how to breathe! The newsletter is helpful and the suggestions and articles from Maria! Everyone is friendly and happy to offer suggestions. What a great team! Thank you!

Janice S


I like the personalized approach. You know that the workout program is geared to your abilities and takes into account any injuries or weak areas you may have. At the same time, the trainers will challenge and push you to try exercises that you think you're not strong enough to perform. The nutrition service via My Fitness Pal is great. I have found Maria's input and critique of my eating plan very helpful.

Jan K


Fitness together is so wonderful about developing a program that is catered to your needs. They provide a safe training environment.

Barbara J


Great personal trainers! They coach and encourage without pushing me beyond my abilities. Proper form is emphasized over number of reps. The facilities are consistently clean and the cardio equipment is always working.

At 59, I'm in the best shape of my life because of the support and coaching I've received at Fitness Together!

Linda M


The trainers are well qualified, pleasant and friendly. They are always there for you. Always asking if anything hurts from previous workout and to adjust the workout.

Paul C


Trainers at Fitness Together really know their stuff. They can work you out, as well as assist with nagging injuries. I know lots of people my age (50's) that spend significant time with physical therapists, but at Fitness Together I can walk in and explain what doesn't feel right & they adjust my workout to help me feel better.
To me, the most important aspect of FT is the "true value". I've had several health club memberships, but shortly after joining these clubs my visits dropped off. At FT I have set appointments with a trainer, so workouts become a part of my set weekly schedule. Now I'm truly getting more value with FT vs. any health club in the area.

Jane G


The personalized attention given to each customer's needs is outstanding. Programs are planned around individualized goals, but day-by-day they're modified to fit particular needs. My trainer recently devoted most of the session to identifying and working on the probable cause of recurring hip pain. I'm sure it wasn't what he had planned for my session that day, but without saying a word, he scrapped those plans and found creative ways to address the immediate need. In my book that's the essence of personalized service. Thanks, Kevin!

Vykki M


I love how friendly and knowledgeable everyone is, and that Dawn really focuses on my specific needs. I also love Maria's nutritional support. The combination has really made a huge difference in my progress and the way I feel in general - very optimistic and encouraged.
Thank you!

Libby V


The relationship you establish with your own personal trainer....and they uncannily know when and how much to increase your workout so it is a "workout" but you have to think of nothing except hearing them say "good job" and "excellent" time and time again! Not a bad deal anyway you look at it, I'd say!!!!!

Carrie N


Fitness Together is a great community to inspire and motivate even the laziest person to get up and move and do something positive! I've worked with three different trainers there and they have all been fantastic!

Lynn C


Due to my work schedule I work with all the trainers. Each trainer is awesome and each one pushes me to get the maximum out of my workout. You can't beat the one on one concept.

John H


Each workout is carefully thought out and catered to my specific needs. The Fitness Together staff has gone as far as to sit down and go over all I wanted to achieve before my first day. They chose the trainer which fit best.
Before I had a total knee replacement they worked on strengthening the muscles that would need It the most AFTER surgery. I recovered fast and I'm able to do workouts that were impossible before becoming a client.

Reed G


As a long-time and fairly regular client, I've become completely spoiled by what a training relationship can and should be and what it can accomplish. The professionalism, focus, and respect on the part of all the trainers, plus the comfortable and safe environment of the facility, all add up to a stellar experience, week in and week out. I can't recommend FT Sudbury highly enough.

Dawn T


I workout in both Wayland and Sudbury. I get great workouts, and I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been in. But at Fitness Together, you get a lot more for your money than just “a great workout.” At both Wayland and Sudbury locations, everyone on the staff is wonderful, friendly and supportive. I feel like they are a second family, looking out for - not only my physical health - but my mental health as well. It’s a special group of people who are all extremely good at what they do.

Heather C


I love working out at Fitness Together. I have developed a relationship with my trainers, so we can actually have a meaningful conversation about what is happening in our lives. The schedule can be flexible if something comes up or you are traveling. The space is spotless and does not feel like a gym environment.

Barb J


I have going to Fitness Together for 8 years. This is the only workout plan that I have stuck with no matter what. I am constantly inspired and encouraged by my trainer and look forward to my weekly sessions.

If you have trouble sticking with a workout plan, seriously giving yourself this gift.

Wendy N


Personalized plan and trainer expertise. Shaina explains and demonstrates proper form for best results. She learns your physical capabilities and works with you on progression. Shaina is encouraging and supportive with feedback and maintains the commitment to keeping you on target for your personal goals.

Dan H


Great model and physical space but trainers make the difference. Chris Giannini has just the right balance of experience, circuit diversity, positive attitude, and sincerity.

Janice R


I love it here. I like each trainer I've worked with, and the staff is fabulous. What's not to like? At FT, I get customized workouts that can change depending on how I'm feeling; fantastic instructors who really know what they're doing, whether in building you up, or encouraging you to be more physically flexible; and/or strengthening you for health or to help you resolve past old injuries or current physical changes. Everybody at FT makes a major effort to be sure you are getting what you want and need from your workouts.

Lynn K


As soon as you walk in the door you can sense that the atmosphere is friendly and supportive. Dawn does an excellent job of pushing me or pulling back at the right time. There is a friendly, relaxed atmosphere even as it is clear that trainers take their roles totally seriously.

Kim P


I really like the approach and believe I can improve and I have a personalized plan that evolves as I am more able to handle more. The environment is friendly and clean and professional and the staff is friendly and helpful. I am so happy with everything to date!

Jane G


I've been delighted with and reassured by the care for clients and trainers alike, as well as the flexibility in approach FT has shown in continuing to provide at-home fitness training throughout the pandemic. My two virtual sessions with Kevin Chen are highlights of my week: guided exercise that's keeping me fit along with a most welcome visit with a friend. Kudos to all concerned!

Genia F


I've been with the Sudbury Fitness Together for more then 10 years. Every session is very efficient even now, when we are practicing interactive ones using Zoom. All these years I stay with the same trainer that tells everything about the trainer quality. From time to time I worked with other trainers in this studio, when my trainer took a vacation for example, and all of them are very professional, attentive and helping you to achieve your goal the best way.