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Team FT Takes On The Spartan Race In Boston

Nov 12, 2015

Fenway Park is normally filled with hotdogs, peanuts, and the Boston Red Sox. However, on Sunday, November 8th, it was filled with Spartans.
Team FT (Fitness Together Sudbury) conquered the Spartan Sprint at Fenway Park not as clients and trainers, but as a team and a family. Whether it was getting over a six foot wall or hoisting over 70 pounds in the Hercules Hoist, Team FT was there for support. If there were burpees to be done, they all did them together. The Spartan Race took them through every possible spot at Fenway Park from the dugout to the Green Monster and even the Pesky Pole.
Everyone had an amazing attitude and the energy was phenomenal the moment you stepped into the park. As people were climbing the rope, people who were waiting in line to start the race would cheer them on. When someone struggled to get an obstacle done, strangers would step in and help out. Because it wasn't about winning or losing. It was about getting through it together.


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