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Fitness Together® Client Loses 100+ Pounds. Now Dedicated to an Active and Fit Lifestyle*

Proper training, diet, motivation, accountability and a lot of hard work is the secret to Craig Morrison’s success to losing more than 100 pounds at the Fitness Together® Canfield studio. And, his continued commitment to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle has led to not only keeping the weight off, but it also has uncovered a new commitment to getting stronger and healthier as he prepares to turn 50 years old.

“Year after year, I sit down to look at my accomplishments, readjust my goals and continue to be really religious and dedicated to the whole FT process,” shares Craig. “FT has been a very successful program for me to lose weight and to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. I bit into the program with hook, line and sinker and never let it go. After dropping all of my weight, I’ve reset my focus over the past eight months to bulking up and building more muscle so I can get a great beach body before I turn 50.”

After spending the last decade or so focusing on his career, marriage and raising a family, Craig woke up one day in October of 2011 weighing in at 341 pounds with 39.6 percent body fat and a 48 inch waistline. Deciding that he’d had enough of living an unfit and unhealthy lifestyle, Craig joined Fitness Together® in January of 2012 after losing 30 pounds on his own, but knowing he was going to need professional help to get his life fully back on track. Within six months, Craig dropped 30 more pounds and by the end of the first year he was down to weighing 265 pounds. As of last year, he hit his lowest weight of 219, but now is maintaining 230 pounds and 14.9 percent body fat as he focuses on building more muscles mass and strength.

“I remember when they showed me the chart with all of my numbers when I started at FT and everything was in the red – it was a scary feeling,” reflects Craig. “They told me that I didn’t get fat overnight so I’m not going to lose weight overnight. There’s no magic pill, special powder to drink or video to watch that’ll help me drop 30 pounds in 30 days. I loved the honesty of it and the accountability was a huge piece for me too. You can lie to yourself about what you eat, but when you go into FT three times a week to work out, get weighed and have your performance reviewed, it’s very hard to cover up if you’re making poor eating or exercises choices. My performance tells my trainers everything they need to know.”

Brian Gustafson, personal trainer at Fitness Together® in Canfield, attributes Craig’s weight loss success to his focused perspective and dedicated mentality to make a lifestyle change for himself and his family. From day one of walking into Fitness Together®, Craig was ready to make a change and was willing to sacrifice what he needed to make it happen. After sitting down with Craig to identify his goals, motivations and aspirations for his weight loss journey, Brian and the team of trainers at Fitness Together® in Canfield dedicated their expertise to helping Craig lose weight and feel great about all of his accomplishments throughout his journey.

Craig began with 45 minute strength training sessions three times per week that focused on working all of the major muscles groups, nutrient training and guidance from FT’s licensed dietician, and consistent cardio workouts outside of the studio. To help keep the experience of losing a large amount of weight from becoming overwhelming, Brian helped Craig turn his focus away from weekly weight loss goals and instead focused on getting the right processes and structures in place to live a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, when you establish a structured, healthy routine that’s built around your fitness goals, the numbers will naturally fall into place, Brian says.

“The first part of Craig’s success was making a commitment to himself to change his weight and his lifestyle,” explains Brian. “Getting a plan in place with all three phases included in the start – strength training, good eating habits and consistent cardio – also is what makes the difference for people like Craig who are so successful with losing a significant amount of weight. When you see someone like Craig who has lost more than 100 pounds, you’re not going to get those types of results with just strength training alone.”

Craig’s success in losing weight and getting fit hasn’t just been a positive influence for his own personal life. His experience has turned him into a healthy role model for his two sons – 19 and 13 years old – who regularly train with their father now at Fitness Together® as they build the foundation for living healthy and fit lifestyles as well. And, Craig has committed to pay his success forward as he has spearheaded fitness initiatives in the workplace by becoming the chairman of his company’s health and wellness committee and sharing his success with others.

“Losing weight and focusing on fitness has changed so much in my life,” reflects Craig. “It’s changed my relationship with my kids, the way I handle stress at work and how I influence our company’s corporate fitness culture. Every morning, I get up at 4:30 a.m. to do my cardio and it sets my mood for the rest of the day. I start the day juiced and it makes me feel good because it’s a good example for my kids, the people I work with and anyone else I come in contact with throughout my day.”

“Craig is such a great guy and he’s someone you want to see succeed because he’s so committed to making positive changes in his life and for others,” continues Brian. “When Craig brings his sons into the studio to train with him, you can see that Craig as a parent now is totally different than how he was when he started. To see that transformation take place is amazing. Craig is such a great dad and for him to keep his family as a top priority throughout this process is something we all appreciate here. Everyone at Fitness Together® is so proud of Craig.”