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Beating Muscle Soreness

Apr 21, 2021

Last week we talked about how and why our muscles get sore, but what exactly are we supposed to do when we have tight and achy muscles after a killer workout?

First and most importantly, if you are sore, the best thing you can do is move! This may feel slightly counterintuitive but getting blood flowing to those sore muscles with some running, swimming or even gentle yoga will help ease your soreness.

Myofascial release is another great way to relax tight and sore muscles post workout. Myofascial release can be done several ways including foam rolling, rolling on a lacrosse ball or getting a deep tissue massage. Talk to your trainer for tips and tricks for self myofascial release! It can also be a great component of your warm up and help prevent severe muscle soreness.

Warming up properly before your workout and cooling down correctly post workout will also play a huge role in keeping your muscles from getting too sore. Dynamic and workout-specific warm-ups before you exercise and gentle stretching after are as important as your workout itself!

Getting dehydrated can make your muscles extra sore! Drinking water before during and after your workout will not only help you perform better but it will help mitigate severe soreness too. Sports drinks often have a lot of sugar in them and drinking them can be counterproductive to a well-rounded fitness program, but if you are prone to severe soreness, sipping on one throughout your workout can be helpful!

Lastly, applying heat to sore muscles in the form of a heating pad, a trip to the sauna, or a warm bath can help ease your tenderness as well!

Sore muscles can be bothersome at times but as you learned from last week’s blog, they can also be a sign of you getting stronger! Keep in mind that sometimes soreness can take up to 48 hours to hit you, so don’t be alarmed if this is the case for you. And as always, if you have any questions, talk to your trainers!

Check back next week and we will talk about pre and post workout nutrition for optimal results!


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