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Why Can't You Spot Reduce Fat?

Nov 14, 2014

Almost every client I have ever worked with has told me they want to change the way a certain area of their body looks. Sometimes they want to gain muscle, but most times they want to lose fat in specific areas. I commonly see people at the gym doing hundreds of crunches and abdominal exercises hoping that some day they will see some definition. The truth is that you have no control over where the fat is removed.

Fat simply does not melt away, and is not burned off of you gut. It is burned as fuel inside of the muscle cells. Your muscles have their own stores of crucial energy yielding nutrients. They contain thousands of calories of stored carbohydrate also known as glycogen, and of course intramuscular fat. In order to burn fuel through activity, the fats and carbohydrates must already be present in the muscles. The amount of fat you burn in the muscle determines how much needs to be replaced from other sources such as diet, or subcutaneous fats stores.

The subcutaneous fat can be mobilized into the blood stream where it eventually reaches the muscles. Once it is there it can replenish the stores or can be burned for fuel. You have no control from where the fat is mobilized. It could come from arm fat, leg fat, stomach fat, or any other area, but the point is it comes off proportionally. So if you are trying to decrease body fat in general focus on diet and exercise. You secret is to burn more intramuscular fat and store less subcutaneous fat.


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