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Music and Exercise: The Perfect Pairing

Sep 14, 2014

There is no better pairing than music and exercise. Listening to music as you work out can do wonders for you performance. Music can be considered a good distraction. A good beat can disguise the fact that you are working hard by making you less aware of your level of exertion. Music will make you work harder. Fast paced music around 140 beats per minute has been shown to maximize your output. By blocking out the outside noise your focus will remain sharp and you will be able to stay in your own zone. Exercise is very rhythmic and having a beat to work to makes it easier to stay on tempo. Your brain and body like to work together so let the beat set the pace. Music can free your mind and improve your mood. It allows you to think about yourself, or to yourself and negativity is not allowed in. Everyone knows a song that makes him or her want to dance or just move in general. Put it on and start rocking out with the weights.


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