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Best and Worst Sleeping Position

Oct 10, 2014

We spend a large portion of our lives sleeping, and lying in bed. Many hours of any repetitive position or action can lead to chronic pain or discomfort. The position you choose while sleeping certainly has an effect on your body. Some positions can lead to more back, neck, and stomach pain, and can cause wrinkles.

The best position for sleep is on your back. This position will help minimize back and neck pain, and won’t cause wrinkles. This position maintains a neutral spine which is best for the neck and back. Also, your face isn’t being pushed on, and this minimizes the chances of getting wrinkles. The down side is that this position worsens snoring.

The side lying position is the second best. A good mattress will support a neutral spine position, keeping your body long. This position is also good for reducing acid reflux, snoring, and is the suggested position for blood flow during pregnancy. The downside is your face is being smashed into a pillow and your body is folded on top of itself which causes wrinkles. Avoid the fetal position, as it does not maintain a neutral spinal alignment.

The worst sleeping position is on your stomach. The only benefit from stomach sleeping is the reduction of snoring. It can increase neck and back pain, being that your spine isn’t neutral, and will put more pressure on your joints, muscles, and nerves. Increased pressure can lead to numbness, pain, and tingling. Avoid stomach sleeping especially if you suffer from tight muscles of the neck, and back. Keeping your head turned to one side while you are awake can be pretty irritating. If you sleep in that position for hours, it’s no wonder that you wake up stiff. This position also causes wrinkles because your body and face are being pressed and folded.


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