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Personal Training Success Stories

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Looks great in her wedding pictures.

The workouts at FT are always challenging but I look forward to coming every session. The friendly encouragement, helpful nutrition tips, and personalized workouts keep me engaged and on track.

It was exciting to see my hard work pay off with every inch the seamstress had to take in on my wedding dress.  Thanks to everyone at FT I looked great on my wedding day and am leading a more healthy lifestyle.*

I feel fit, energized, and so grateful for the FT team.

After *


From Skeptic to 5K Runner.

I lost 50 pounds after having weight loss surgery, but then hit a plateau. I was exercising but I wasn’t losing any weight. I had pretty much given up, when on a whim: I joined Fitness Together for a trial membership.

I was skeptical at first, I have belonged to plenty of gyms over the years, and I have had consultations with personal trainers before, but Fitness Together was different.  

My personal trainer taught me how to exercise correctly for the first time in my life.  I learned the importance of staying in my target heart range so that I burned stored calories.  He also motivated me to work harder than I would have ever pushed myself!  

Since joining FT, I have lost an additional 40 pounds and counting!*


Southborough, MA

UPDATE:  Carolyn has now lost over 50 pounds and, with her trainer by her side, made great time running her first 5K!*  Way to go, Carolyn!

After *


Lost Weight, Gained Confidence.

When I started working with my Fitness Together trainer I wanted to break through the plateau I had been experiencing for 3 months.  I also wanted to survive the holidays without gaining the typical 10 pounds I had in previous years and I really wanted to target my flabby stomach and arms!  I feel much better about both areas of my body thanks to the staff at Fitness Together.*

I have to admit, I was pretty sore after my first few workouts... but in a good way. The staff pinpointed my weakest spots and we worked on them along with a few trouble areas I pointed out to them.  I enjoyed the time with my trainer during my workouts – I had the opportunity to talk about my nutrition, technique and weight loss gimmicks I had unsuccessfully tried in the past.  Since I’m not one for mindless chat, I enjoyed keeping the focus on information that that would help me reach my goals.  I loved the way they maintained this constant, happy demeanor even if I came in ill prepared, either mentally or physically, for my workout.  Inevitably I always left happy and feeling much better about myself.

After achieving my goals, I am now working out on my own.  I am a little scared to be without my trainer.   I know I won’t push myself out of my comfort zone like my FT trainers did for me.  I'll continue to walk my 4 miles every day and I'll incorporate as many exercise routines as possible since I'm addicted to the endorphin high!  I feel much more confident than I did before I started my program with FT. I don't have a problem lugging groceries, kids or laundry.

I've lost weight and gained muscle since I started training -. which makes rough housing with my  seven year old son fun.  I'm very happy with the confidence I have in myself.  I have plans to hike the Appalachian Trail through the Berkshires this Summer and I'm really looking forward to the challenge. I wouldn't have attempted this without my new found confidence in my body.

The staff at Fitness Together and especially the owner, Bob Savin, genuinely cares about you and your progress towards your goal.  I was thoroughly impressed that even as my membership was on the verge of expiring, the staff continued to encourage me to keep a food journal, workout at home and stay focused on my ultimate weight loss goal. Overall, Fitness Together has a great group of men and women who want nothing more than to help you succeed.


Southborough, MA