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Sports Conditioning for Teens

Sports Conditioning for Teens

The off-season is the perfect time to focus on getting stronger and improving overall physical conditioning. Since all of our programs are custom, we can assist athletes from any sport to improve their performance and reduce the chance for injury during the season.

The goal of our teen sport conditioning program is to increase the strength of all major muscle groups as well as specific muscle groups that are closely associated with your child’s sport(s) while placing a heavy emphasis on safety and proper use of equipment. We will also provide your child with a polar heart rate monitor and show him or her how to use the monitor to maximize cardiovascular workouts. General instruction and coaching on cardiovascular conditioning will also be a part of your child’s program.

Over the course of your child’s training, he or she will receive age appropriate coaching in areas such as basic nutrition principles, general sports injury prevention techniques, the importance of rest, and the negative effects of drugs on athletic performance.

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