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Jan describes her success story at Fitness Together



Perter E.

I started with Fitness Together 7 months ago because I wanted to make a change in my health. At 315 lbs with recently diagnosed diabetes, two knee replacements and with family history of heart problems, it was time to make a change. Fitness Together was the change I needed.

I started working out 3 times per week and became very consistent about it. Also, I made changes in my eating habits and now I’m able to make smarter decisions about what I put in my body while enjoying the things I like such as sushi and pistachios.

Thanks to Fitness Together and their trainers, I’ve lost over 50 lbs and managed to get off my medications. I feel better, with more energy and now I’m aware of what works for me to keep heading towards the right direction.

I recommend Fitness Together because they have a great team of trainers helping you, teaching you and encouraging you to become the best healthier version of yourself while getting great results.

After *

Kirsten W.

Another absolutely incredible  6 month transformation!!*

Linda Norden

After *

Patty E.

Can you believe this is after 3 months!!!* Awesome!

After *


"I've been a member at Fitness Together South Miami since May 2010 and it's the BEST investment I've ever made in myself. The time, energy, money, blood, sweat and tears has paid me back 10 fold. I joined FT when I was at my lowest of lows. All the years of post high school and college neglect (i.e., binge drinking, then binge eating, then crash dieting, and the cycle continues) finally caught up with me and I didn't even know where to begin. I was shopping around for a personal trainer because something told me I wouldn't be able to do this on my own, but after my first consult with Fitness Together, I knew I had found my home away from home at Fitness Together. I have trained with everyone at FT and NOT ONCE have they given me a poor session. They always push me to my limits and beyond. I think I can safely say that they are my friends and genuinely care about my success in life...not just weight loss. They check on me when I'm sick, they remember significant events in personal life. They are just an A-Team through and through. I highly recommend Fitness Together to EVERYONE.

An absolutely incredible transformation* and one of our favorite clients EVER! Amazing job Whitney- we love ya!!!

After *

Chris Fritzius

Chris before and after

Chris lost over 30 lbs. and 9.5% bodyfat* in his 8 weeks at Fitness Together Miami with personal training and customized nutrition. No drugs and no gimmicks. Awesome job Chris!!

After *


Lisette before and after

Lisette lost over 6 inches on her waist* in her 8 weeks transformation!! 

Roger before
Roger AFTER! *


From regular Joe to a looking like a Men's Health cover model!* Another 3 month Transformation Winner!

After *


Beautiful!! 6 months.*

After *

Brad Wohler

3 month Transformation Contest Winner!*

After *

Jim B.

After *


A mom goes from drab to fab in six months! *

I would typically never advertise for anyone, but I wanted to personally let you know about the "little jewel" I found in South Miami. I have been working out and active for years and have gone through several private trainers. My closest friend started looking amazing and I asked her what she was doing and she introduced me to FT South Miami. The trainers are like no other trainers I have had (and I have had many). I have seen amazing results. Several patients have asked me what I was doing and what diet I was on. I saw changes in my body in the first 3 weeks and my progress continues to this day.

* I have never felt better.

I highly recommend Fitness Together and the fitness coaches they have to everyone.

Samantha W.

I feel like a celebrity here!

I hate crowded gyms (university, public, etc.) and had given up on the idea of finding a fitness routine that I could stick to, enjoy and get real results from. Then I found Fitness Together in Sunset; and as soon as I started talking to the trainers I instantly sensed two things,

1) the idea of Fitness Together -- 1 Trainer, 1 Client, 1 Goal -- could work for me.

2) Fitness Together genuinely cares about the progress of their clients.

They called me to follow-up and since that day, four months ago, they have always encouraged me to move forward towards my fitness goals, one step at a time. I am honored and grateful to have been one of Fitness Together at Sunset's first clients. The moment I walked in for my first training session, I knew it really wasn't a regular, crowded gym but a small, private studio where your trainer focuses exclusively on you during your session and takes the time to teach you about your program so that you understand the process and program that their team have designed for you. It soon became clear and very reassuring that Fitness Together South Miami cares as much about my fitness progress and success as I do! I can honestly say that the excellent training I have gotten with FT has not only improved my physical well-being but has also changed my outlook on living a healthy balanced life, overall. It is always such a pleasure to show up at the studio and see everyone there. Not to mention the fabulous facilities -- it feels like the kind of attention and amenities a celebrity might expect! I can't recommend Fitness Together strongly enough. I will be a member for life!"

Christina P.

"Rescued me from a long time exercise rut."

FT has rescued me from a long-time exercise rut and general lack of motivation. I had not exercised consistently in YEARS, and had gained 25 lbs. since I got married. The moment I walked into FT South Miami studio, I got such a great vibe. Everyone is friendly and the space is immaculate and very private. FT South Miami took the time to find out what my personal needs were and put together a nutrition plan for me to follow along with my exercise routine. Their kick ass trainers, have challenged me beyond what I thought were my capabilities, all the while making it- dare I say? - FUN! I've lost weight and gained muscle in a short amount of time* and am feeling better than ever! I recommend Fitness Together to anyone. It is worth every penny. 

Joseph R.

I first heard of FT via Team Footworks, which is a long-distance running organization in South Miami. I was training for the Miami Half Marathon in January 2011. 

FT South Miami came in on a Saturday after our run and they gave a clinic on core fitness. I was impressed and shortly after signed up to try a free session. 

Three months and change later, I am still training with FT twice a week. I have had personal trainers in the past but FT's emphasis on core fitness has produced much better results than I have had in the past.

For my money, FT is a much better option than signing up for a membership at any of the mega gyms in Miami.

Noelle G

Too busy? Maximize your time

If you're looking for a fitness partnership, an organization made up of exceptional professionals who will work with you to craft a fitness program designed to achieve targeted and substantive results, then Fitness Together in South Miami is the place for you! The personalized program is for designed specifically for busy individuals who want to maximize every second of their workout session, while being driven by a motivational trainer who will encourage you to realize your full potential throughout the 45 minutes you spend together. I highly recommend Fitness Together.

Carol T.

"I have been a member of FT since October, 2008 and I love it.  It's exactly what I was looking for.  I no longer wanted to deal with crowded, annoying gyms and when I saw the ad for Fitness Together and after talking to one of the trainers, I knew it was the place I was looking for.  Staff and management are extremely professional and the facility is immaculate! Obviously, I highly recommend FT!"

Alia A.

"Every trainer knows you by your first name."

Have you ever wanted the privacy of a personal gym? Not only does FT offer the privacy of an in-home gym, but also a personal trainer. It's the best support group you can ask for- sweet, concerned and interested in getting down to work (and workouts). One of my favorite things about FT is the friendly air of comfort they create- every trainer knows you by name. With clean towels folded up at the door, a filtered water cooler and even apples for the clients, FT is also highly accommodating. Running late? If you don't call, they call you to make sure everything is ok. Haven't been working out in a while and canceling sessions? An email or phone call from them with concerns.

It's also in a great location- it is five or ten minutes off of the Palmetto, right off of US 1 and there is a metro station fifteen-minute walk away. Parking is easy and accessible.

The bottom line is that FT takes care of you and makes sure that you get the full bang for the buck. 

Mona M.

"A friendly place where you will immediately feel comfortable."

Fitness Together is a great place to kick start a workout or maintain an already-fit physique.  The trainers all do a great job of designing creative workouts that challenge the whole body without getting boring.  It is a friendly place where you will immediately feel comfortable regardless of your fitness level.  I have been struggling for years to find a workout I will stick with, and this is it!  I highly recommend FT to anyone looking for a way to get and stay in shape.

After *

Ana Perez


How great is this for a mother of 4 in her forties!!*

Husband and wife - Happy clients!!

Good cholesterol up to 47!*

We are doing great and trying to go as much as possible.   I shared with Malia and TJ the fact of how my husband’s good cholesterol has gone to 47*. He has always had issues even reaching 40 on the good cholesterol and that one does not respond to diet or any medications only to exercise.  We are both thrilled with the news and are very happy with our trainers as well!!! 



"The best gift I have ever given myself."

"All I can say is that finding out about you and your staff has been the best gift I could have ever given myself. They are all wonderful and easy to get along with, and when I have enough breath left, fun to talk to :) I like the fact that they all push me to do just a bit more than I think I can which, for me, is part of the reason of going to a trainer rather than trying to do this on my own."




After *

Greg S.

After *


A huge change in only 2 months!!* Unbelievable!!

After *


An amazing transformation in 6 months!!* How would you like to completely reshape and transform your body in just 6 months?* Incredible!

Sarah before
Sarah AFTER! *


Beautiful Before and After. 3 month Transformation Winner!*

Jaime before
Jaime AFTER! *

Jaime Vidal

Wow! Somebody call Calvin Klein, we've got a new model for him..4 months!*