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The top 5 ways to "cheat" on your diet

The top 5 ways to "cheat" on your diet

Harold Castedo-Garcia, Fitness Coach

We all know how tough dieting can be. The thought of letting go of those foods  we love so much can be stressful and downright depressing. As a man that chooses happiness in hand with health, I have devised a few methods of having my favorite foods and still keeping a lean, healthy physique. They are not intended to ruin your meal with outrageous substitutions or empty your pockets by the use of some magical powder.  Here are the top 5 techniques to “cheat” on your diet.

  1. “Splitting”

Play out this scene in your head: You approach your trainer and tell him/her that you just finished having that 600 calorie omelet you’ve been longing for. Your trainer’s jaw will likely drop low enough to hear a crack and your workout would be pulled out of the “Pain” file.

Try this out for a change: Buy that cheesy omelet and split it in half. Eat half and take the second had to go and have the second half a few hours later. You have just successfully cheated the system two meals in a row. You have managed to keep two meals within reasonable size without ordering the ever-tasteless “light” or “fit” omelet.


The sandwich is the staple of flavorful guilt on the go. It is the one thing you can always count on to love you back, hugging your taste buds as you sneakily snag bites behind your desk. However, you know what your trainer will say 500 calories later when you’re forced to confess your love.

Here is your 150 calorie cutting solution: Core the bread out! Pinch off as many chunks of the inside of that bread as you can without making holes. Better yet, ask the person making your sandwich to core it out for you and then toast it for an added crunch. Will it affect the flavor? Not one bit.

       3. “Water it down”

Portion sizes are hard to control and they are usually the biggest culprits. When grandma serves you four plates or your boss insists you try the ten course option, you tend to go a little overboard. It’s not your fault! During times like these, what you need more than an antacid is an excuse to not eat so much.

Here is your savior: Drink water. Yes, it’s that simple. The more water you drink prior to a meal, the less space you’ll have in your stomach to have another helping of grandma’s anti-diet recipe.


     4. “Timing”

You have come to the point in your diet when you have spinach growing under your finger nails and egg whites circling you brain. You’re eyeing the chocolate, the burgers, the salami, the DOUGHNUTS; oh it’s all too much! Yes. The time has come to cheat. That food truck by your office is calling your name. It is no longer a question of “if”, but “when”.  Not when is your boss not looking, but when will this meal least affect your goals?

This is the trickiest cheat I know because it has such a slippery slope behind it so pay attention carefully. The best time to eat that cheat meal is after your hardest workout. Your muscles cry for any nutrients they can get right after a workout in order to begin repair so a few treats here and there after a workout can be beneficial. HOWEVER, you still need to watch your portion sizes so go ahead and give the other 12 doughnuts back to the cashier.

     5. “Do  it yourself”

Let’s be honest here. Restaurants cook for taste and cost before ever considering your hope for beautiful abs. With that in mind, you have two choices. The first one involves several requests and possible consequential yells from the chef.

Here is the more reasonable option: Cook your own meals. I realize the thought of cooking for your own meal may evoke memories of flaming pans and overcooked meat, but if you form a partnership with cooking shows, you just may survive long enough to enjoy a healthier meal made to your liking.

There you have it. Five surefire techniques to help you “cheat” on your diet, stick to your healthy eating commitment and save your sanity in the process!