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Daddy, Daddy, Jump!

Daddy, Daddy, Jump!

Scott Baumann

“Daddy, Daddy…Jump! Jump!”

My daughter’s new favorite thing to do has reminded me of one of the greatest benefits of exercise. Being physically fit allows you to do the things you want to do in life.

“Daddy, Daddy, Jump” means that Charlie, my daughter, wants us to jump on the bed together. This consists of us holding hands and jumping up and down on the bed about 50 times! Well, after about 20 times my legs are burning and I am breathing heavy!

Think about how many activities or games you have had to sit out because of your back pain, or your knee pain or because you were just too plain tired. I see it over and over again where parents or grandparents miss out on participating in some of their kids favorite activities because they are physically unfit. “Sorry honey, Daddy’s back hurts.” “Sorry baby, Mommy is too tired to play with you right now.” “Sorry kids, Grandma isn’t strong enough to carry you anymore. You’re too heavy.” What a shame.. Don’t let this happen to you! It doesn’t have to be that way, especially when it can be remedied so simply.

The fix for this is a simple, consistent exercise program. If you have heard the term “functional strength”, that is exactly what we are talking about here. Functional strength is the strength to do the things that you want to do. Whether it is picking up the laundry, carrying your child on your shoulders while walking down Lincoln Road, hitting a softball, or just running around after your grandchildren; being more fit makes it possible to do those things. Do all the things that you thought you were “too old” for. A functional strength program will enable you to live a more active, longer and fulfilling life and nothing is more important than that.  Don’t sit out on the sidelines of your life. Get in the game and live it up!

Scott Baumann, Operating partner, Fitness Together

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