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Ten Things to do Each Day before Spring

Feb 20, 2013

The winter slump is here. New Year’s resolutions have run their course, flu and cold season is in full swing, and your gym membership has become nothing but a line item on your credit card statement. How do you stay on top of your wellness over the next few weeks until bathing suit season gets close enough to get you motivated again?

Well, here’s my recommended daily routine for the next 4-6 weeks. Print this out and keep it where you will see it: on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, or anywhere it will catch your eye. Every day you should:

-Add 1 serving of fresh veggies to your regular daily diet.

-Drink a glass of water every morning as soon as you wake.

-Add an extra 1/2 hour of sleep to the front end of your bedtime.

-Keep dental floss in the car and floss at the stop light.

-Pretend elevators/escalators were never invented and use the stairs.

-Eat breakfast every morning; include a fruit, a whole grain and a lean protein.

-Listen to something funny each morning as you start your day.

-Stand and do your favorite stretch every 20 minutes while on the computer.

-Sit on the floor, not on the couch–pretend you’re a kid again.

-Have a glass of wine, or a beer, or a nice piece of dark chocolate (but not all three at once!).

A few simple steps, done on a daily basis, can be the difference between a healthy happy person come spring and someone who has to lie on the bed to get their jeans zipped up–and we all know what that looks and feels like both physically and mentally. So take care of yourself. Put yourself first on your list and practice these ten steps. Before you know it spring will be here, and so will a better, healthier, happier you!

Meredith Minix is the owner of Fitness Together studios in Fairfax and Tysons. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Recreation and Leisure with an emphasis in Sports Fitness and Management. A married mother of three young children, Meredith excels at helping her clients juggle family, career and exercise –the balancing act of the 21st century! Find Meredith and her local Fitness Together colleagues at, follow them on Facebook ( and on Twitter (@FTCustomFitness) to get their health tips and fitness news.

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