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In Between Workouts: Smart Nutrition and A Few More Steps

Aug 1, 2011

Count every step towards your goal by wearing a pedometer. This is a great way to keep track of exactly how many steps you take including home and at work. By simply walking 2,500 steps (about one mile) you can burn 100-125 calories more calories and lose an extra pound per week. But don't sacrifice nutrition for weight loss either. Knowing when and what to eat is just as important as exercise and calorie counting.

Always eat a healthy balanced breakfast everyday. Your first meal of the day should include protein, a healthy carb, and a small amount of fat. An example of a good breakfast would be an egg-white omelet, piece of whole wheat toast, and fresh berries.

Healthy snacks are essential to fueling your body and your mind. A mid-afternoon snack like reduced fat peanut butter on whole grain crackers, low fat string cheese with an apple, or some cottage cheese and pineapple will keep you fueled and ready for an after work walk or workout.

Banish yourself from the kitchen late at night. All the extra calories you eat after around 8 pm you end up wearing into the next morning. To avoid this eat a good dinner with lean protein, veggies, and fruit for dessert.

Eliminate all processed foods- most importantly processed sugars, which are carbs that have been stripped of their nutrients. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean fresh meats, and minimally processed dairy products to ensure you get all the nutrition and none of the ingredients that have been proven to increase your cravings for empty calories.


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