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Fitness Together and Polar are Bringing You a Better Workout

Sep 25, 2016

Fitness Together has partnered with Polar, a company offering wearable tech, and we are super excited about it! We are now able to track heart rate, target heart rate zones and calories burned for your workout in real time. By implementing this tech in the studio, our clients are taking full advantage of an already effective workout!

Talk to your trainer to reserve your Polar gear now or ask about getting your Polar Workout Preview!

Here's the scoop:

By utilizing Polar's heart rate chest strap or one of their watches with built in heart rate monitor, your trainer is able to dial in your target heart rate zones based off of information gathered from your fitness assessments. This will individually tailor your routine to your exact heart rate and exertion level.

Your workout will display on your smartphone or one of our tablets in real time so that your trainer can make adjustments to your workout and level of intensity on the fly to better help reach your goals. Your coach is trained to look for certain trends that may indicate changes that need to be made to your routine.

For example, we expect to see your heart rate gradually increase by the end of the workout, as seen above. This means that you have the fuel you need to keep going and your heart is working harder as time goes on and you are burning more calories. If the inverse is seen, it may mean that you are running out of fuel and need to adjust your caloric intake and timing to match your workout.

Upload your workouts, both in and out of studio so your trainer can more effectively design the proper program to fit your level of fitness.

Daily, weekly, and monthly tracking will help both you and your trainer hold you accountable.

See how long you are spending in each heart rate zone both during your workout and in your weekly summary. The higher the heart rate, the more calories burned. In general, we like to see 70% of your workouts come from zones 3-5.


Schedule a complimentary fit evaluation so we can get to know you and your goals and build you a customized training program to reach them.