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Client of the Month: Karen Pittman | Fitness Together

Mar 19, 2019

Our Client of the Month for March is Karen Pittman! The FT team recognizes your consistency and the hard work that you put into every workout, as well as the results that you've seen so far! Keep up the hard work =)

Q: How long have you been with Fitness Together, and how often are you working out both inside and outside of the studio?

I’ve been with Fitness Together 2.5 months. Signing up with Fitness Together was my way of ensuring that I fulfilled my New Year’s resolution to actively work to reverse the disturbing signs of aging (weight increase, lessened mobility and balance, shortness of breath). I originally signed up for 3 times a week at the studio, with a commitment to do cardio 2 to 3 times outside of the studio. Realizing that I was skimping on my outside workout commitment, I decided to switch to 5 days a week for a month to build the habit. I just switched back to 3 days a week. We’ll see if I can maintain the commitment.

Q: What are the results you've seen so far?

I met my weight loss goals and hit all of my strength targets. I still feel old when I wake up in the morning or get up from sitting too long. But I “recover” faster. Flexibility is the area in which my progress is slower than I would like.

Q: What can you attribute mostly to your success so far? What hurdles did you have to get over in order to succeed?

Having a personal trainer makes all of the difference, they offer the perfect balance of pushing and support. When I try to do the same routines at home, I give up faster. Having a routine makes a difference. So I try to go at the same time every day. I took the time up front to have sessions with each member of the Fitness Together Silver Spring Team. They are all terrific. This means that when I need to adjust my schedule, I’m always with a trainer I know. Finally, getting the DNA profile results made a surprising difference. Most of my weight loss was achieved in the last month, once I received the profile and recommendations and made adjustments to my diet.

Q: What are some of your goals with FT moving forward?

Weight loss, strength building (especially core and lower body), stamina and flexibility remain my goals. We’re working on ways to accelerate my progress with flexibility. My practical goal is to be able to get up and down from the floor with ease so that I can play with my grandchildren (I’m 67).

Q: Anything else you would like to share with others looking to hit their goals?

The smartest thing that I did was to sign up for 6 months of sessions (at 3 days a week). Making that upfront investment gave me the motivation I needed to stay with the training and the flexibility I needed to work with the team to make adjustments to my schedule in order to ensure that I achieve my goals.


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