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Client of the Month - Lisa Higgins | FT Silver Spring

Sep 6, 2018

Lisa has been coming to Fitness Together since February of 2018 and the milestones she has hit so far have been amazing! The entire team is very proud of how she has not just kept up with her studio workout frequency, but has also been working out consistently on her own. At FT, we promote making sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes for the better, and Lisa is off to a great start in doing just that. Keep up the good work Lisa, we're all so proud!

Lisa says:

"I started with Fitness Together in February of this year (2018). I workout in the studio 3 to 4 times a week and workout 6 to 7 times total each week.

I have increased my cardio endurance, my strength ability and have lost a fair amount of weight. I also feel better about myself.

I attribute my success to my determination to be in better shape and to lose weight and to my personal trainers, Erin and Chris, who have taken an interest in me personally to help me reach my goals. I try to work as hard as I can during my sessions. On the days I do not go into Fitness Together, I try to run on my treadmill and/or do some of the exercises that we do in the sessions. My trainers have given me workouts to do while I am on vacation so that I can continue working towards my goals. I also really like the heart monitor I wear during exercising because I can see just how hard I am working during each session.

The hurdles I have had to overcome are apathy and not holding myself accountable. I needed to have someone to account to and who learned enough about me to encourage and push me when I needed to be pushed. I now hold myself accountable and workout regularly even outside of Fitness Together. I have achieved the goals I started out to achieve and have set new goals to work on. I continue to come into workout because I enjoy the trainers I work with and there is always a new challenging exercise to learn and do!

Some of my current goals are to continue to work hard, lose more weight, gain more strength, continue to increase my cardio endurance and perhaps run a 5K.

Fitness Together has provided a base for me to build on with their help. All their trainers are committed to helping me reach my goals. One has to make a commitment to themselves and stick with it even when they are tired and don't feel like working out. Make goals that are realistic, don't give up and have fun."


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