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Top 5 Strategies at the Summer BBQ

Apr 27, 2010

Fitness Together’s Army Officer-Turned-Workout Guru Offers:

‘Top 5 Strategies at the Summer BBQ’

Bethesda, MD—Its BBQ season again and Americans will once again face the temptations of the backyard grill. This is where we can all pack on the pounds if we aren’t careful, but help is here!

Rick Coe, one of Washington DC’s top local fitness experts, offers “TOP 5 STRATEGIES FOR THE SUMMER BBQ” to help you keep trim! A West Point graduate and former Army officer who now runs Fitness Together gyms in Bethesda and Rockville, Maryland, Rick offers the following proven strategies:

Strategy #1: “If you’re going to drink, choose light beer. This cuts your calories IN HALF! And no, it doesn’t mean you can have more than usual!”

Strategy #2: “Stay away from processed foods. Yes, that means chicken over hot dogs. And if you go back for seconds, choose protein (meats) over a plate of fattening potato salad slathered in mayo. You’re welcome.”

Strategy #3: “Instead of ice cream, cakes and pies, choose fruit. What’s to lose? The sun is still shining, you’re hanging out with friends, and life is good. No whining allowed!”

Strategy #4: “STAND, don’t sit, even when you’re eating! Sitting down to eat will encourage you to heap a plate with food. Standing keeps portions smaller and manageable.”

Strategy #5: “NEVER go to a party hungry or thirsty. Eat an apple on the way there, and drink a bottle of water. You’ll be amazed at how you can focus on friends, conversation, and a good time, rather than on the food.”

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