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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

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Marci Burnett

New Leash on Life

My name is Marci Burnett. I am a Respiratory Therapist at Florida Hospital. I live in Sebring with my daughter Olivia Burnett who also goes to Fitness Together. In fact it's because of Olivia and her basketball Coach Mike Lee that I even started this journey at Fitness Together Sebring.

It's tough to nail down the coolest/most unique aspect of FT/Pack training because everything and every trainer is awesome and unique! Whether it's a Pack Session or an FT one on one session, every workout is different and they are the best! The trainers are knowledgeable and they're always there for you 100%! There isn't a place around that even comes close to FT.

When I came to FT last February (2012), I weighed 192 lbs! I was out of shape and way over weight. My body fat 33-35% or more! I now weigh 148 lbs and my body fat is 21.5%!* I went from a size 20 to a size 8!* I can actually find clothes I like now! Their Nutrition Together program also helped me tremendously. 

I never ran before, since going to FT I have done 5K races. I also took part in a relay team for the Heartland Triathlon with my daughter Olivia and another clients cousin and we placed 3rd! With my continued training at FT, I plan on running the Disney half marathon next February!

I would recommend FT to anyone who is serious about getting in shape, getting healthy and staying that way. FT sets up a program just for you and they do a full assessment and you are re-assessed every 6 weeks. You get to see your progress, which is great! I have been to other gyms/fitness centers and no one holds a candle to FT. They are one of a kind and we are so lucky to have them here in Sebring! They are the Jewel a top Sebring's Crown! Come on in and give it a try, you won't regret it and then you won't be able to live without them!

Marci Burnett 
Client Since February 2012

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Staci Braswell

16 Week Transformation

Hi, my name is Staci Braswell. I grew up a Blue Streak (and a Gator) and am happy to call Sebring home. Like so many in our community and across the country, I have spent most of my life battling my weight. For many years, I looked for the quick fix, trying every fad diet you can imagine, only to be disappointed in the end. I knew there was no easy solution or immediate fix. I didn’t gain the weight overnight and it wasn’t going to come off overnight. After following FT on Facebook for several months, in October 2012, I decided it was time to make the commitment and changes for a healthy and fit future! 

Along with every fad diet, I have also joined many gyms, but have never had the results, accountability, and fun that FT offers! FT provides the tools that allow every client to succeed, including nutrition counseling, a cardio plan and a 6 week weight training program. In addition, every 6 weeks a full body assessment is conducted to track your progress. You will see inches and pounds melt away, your endurance increase, and begin to become the athlete you’ve always envisioned! 

The staff is amazing and are with you every step of the way! There are days that I may not want to workout, but having the support of the FT staff makes every workout enjoyable and I always feel better once I’ve completed a session! 

One-on-One sessions are great, but PACK is where it’s at! I look forward to every PACK class! Each PACK is unique and scaled to your fitness level. Being a competitive person, I enjoy the small group atmosphere where everyone is challenging themselves and encouraging each other. Participating in both one-on-one sessions and PACK will only accelerate your results!

For the past several years I have participated in many of the local runs. I am a self-proclaimed “slogger” (a.k.a. slow jogger)! When joining FT 6 months ago, I set a goal to run a 5k in 29:00 and am thrilled to have reached that goal! 

But it doesn’t stop there...I have lost 19 pounds and 21 inches in 18 weeks*! My body fat has gone from 31.3 % to 26%*! Each day I look forward to improving!

FT isn’t a fad or a quick fix, but a life style change you will not regret! There will never be an easy workout, but when you finish I know you will be proud of yourself and glad that you did it! If you are looking for results, accountability and fun while reaching your fitness goals, stop in and see my friends at Fitness Together - Sebring! If I can do it, I know you can too! 

Stacii Braswell
Client Since October2012

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Roberta Pickert

Huge muscle increase!!

My name is Roberta Pickert. I am 63 years old, married for 40 years with two grown sons. I am the head of the Geographic Information System Laboratory at the Archbold Biological Station. One day a little over a year ago while on my way home from a meeting, I decided, on the spur of the moment to stop into Fitness Together Sebring. I have been a gym hound for many years but lately had been coming up with excuses not to go workout, to workout less with less intensity, ect. Something had to change. The minute I walked in the front door I knew I was home. Matt Collar, the owner, greeted me and invited me to sit down in his office to chat. After introductions, he asked me a simple question. "What is your goal?" My response was "I want to be cut." Slowly this little half smile came across his face, he called the other trainers in and said, "this is Roberta, she wants to be 'cut'!" My only thought was "uh-0h!" On the spot I signed up for 3x/week one on one training and one nutrition class per week and have never looked back!

FT's trainers are all certified, and are all excellent. PT sessions push me to my limits and beyond to new achievements. My trainers are always coming up with new variations of exercises and sessions always feel fresh and new. I didn't eat poorly or incorrectly before coming to FT Sebring, but Nutrition Together cleaned up my faults and put me on a true athletic way of eating. For anyone just starting, I strongly suggest taking the Nutrition Together classes.
Then, about 6 months into my time with FT, they introduced Pack. This is small group personal training that they also offer here and it's functional training at its best. We all love our Pack sessions, they're high energy, cardio and resistance all in one. We all suffer together and love every minute. Now it seems my days are planned around training at FT and improving every week.

My newest goals are handstand push-ups, 24" box jumps, and thrusters. Oh and as for results, I have achieved 'cut" and have lost almost 60 lbs* along the wy! My husband and I leave for climbing ins SE Australia and Tasmania soon and I can't wait. I am in the best condition of my whole life. This is going to be fun. I can only recommend strongly that anyone interested in excellent conditioning, tough and fun functional training and achieving new goals to come check out FT Sebring! It's the best thing that I ever did for myself!!

Roberta Pickert - Lake Placid 
Client since June 4, 2011


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Lauren Knowles

Amazing transformation!!*

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Francis Stuart

Healthy and Happy

Francis Stuart

Client Since April 2011

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Charlotte Munn

New Chapter In Life

Charlotte Munn

Client since January 2008

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Charles Stuart

Amazing Posture Improvement!!

My name is Charles R. Stuart, I have lived in Sebring for 33 years. I am married to my beautiful, lovely wife Francis and we have 3 children, and are owners of Highlands Jewelers. My main reason for coming to Fitness Together was to take control of my health. My wife had already been going and I could see the results on her.

I think it is cool that the trainers are genuinely concerned about you achieving results. I had never worked out my whole life and they worked with me, encouraged me and now I can do some pretty intense workouts. Plus, they're really nice people too.

I now have muscle definition, which I didn't have before. In fact I had no muscle at all. I also had a difficult time toweling off my back after a shower and bending over to put my socks on because of my lack of mobility.

I have been told I look 10 years younger. My wife says my body looks better now than when I first met her 33 years ago. My son says I am in better shape than he is at 24 years old. I have lost approximately 20 lbs*, but my pant size has gone from 36" to 32"*. When I started at FT my body fat was around 24% and now it is a little over 16%*.

Approximately 12 years ago while running with my dog, I developed a bad case of bursitis and tendonitis. My doctor told me my running days were over. I run regularly now at FT and recently did a 5K three days in a row*. Before I started training at FT I also had episodes of gout and lichen Planus (a sever skin rash on my leg). With my working out at FT and changing my diet to a Mediterranean diet, I have not had an episode of either of those painful issues and also without taking any medications*. I think you can see that the results from my training at Fitness Together speaks for itself. At 57 yeas old, I am in the best shape of my life and a lot healthier also. It worked for me, I know if will work for you!*

Charles Stuart - Sebring, FL
Client since May 2011
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Tobey Smoak

Mom of Twin Boys

My name is Tobey Smoak. I am married with 9 year old twin boys. I am a stay at home mom. I received a set of Pack training sessions as a Christmas gift from a great friend, so how could I say "no"!

There are several aspects of Pack training that appeal to me. there are only a few people in a class together. We all know each other and are very close in performance level so we push each other just a little harder than we would if we were training by ourselves in a regular gym. We have fun together. We don't have to come up with a workout plan, just show up! It's never the same workout, always different!

Cardio has always been my weakness and least favorite aspect of exercising. FT/PACK training integrates cardio into the workout so it's not just a run on the treadmill or time on the boring elliptical machine. You get cardio and strength training together. My cardio level has greatly improved with Pack training.

Pack/FT training has given me just an overall better feeling. I feel healthier and stronger than I ever had! If you're looking for an atmosphere to push you that extra weight, rep, distance, then FT/Pack training is it!

Tobey Smoak
Client since January 2012

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Brian Acker

New Look On Life

My name is Brian, I'm retired living in Sebring, FL with my wife Marjorie. A little over three years ago we were in a popular breakfast restaurant that offers 2000 plus calorie meals. The other patrons were generally grossly overweight and looking at ourselves, we were heading down that path. We recognized that our activity level needed to change as well as our diet. I had seen ads for Fitness Together and we decided to drop in and check it out. It's the best thing we ever did!

Working with a personal trainer is a tremendous benefit particularly for those who are not experienced in physical conditioning. The customization and variation of the routine yields great results and reduces the chance of injury.

The change in my overall physique since I started has been the most rewarding result. I am not where I want to be but I'm very happy with the results to this point. 

My wife and I attended a wedding recently and the benefit of our FT workouts became apparent by comments on how good we looked from friends we had not seen for some time. It was also apparent on the dance floor when we had the stamina to keep up with the "kids"!

I am sold on FT as is my wife and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about changing their life for the better.

Brian Acker
Client since July 2010

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Marjorie Acker


We have always lived an active and healthy life style. Even so, we experienced weight gain, and loss of flexibility and strength due to injuries suffered years ago. A typical gym was not a good solution for us since we are not experienced with gym equipment and we were concerned about getting reinjured.

Training isn't easy but the staff at Fitness Together - Sebring make it fun. We enjoy the challenges and variety of the workouts and have become addicted to training with them. They are quick to share their knowledge about health benefits through exercise and proper nutrition.

Within a few short weeks we started to notice improvements. Both of us have regained strength and flexibility, and within 5 months lost a combined 50 inches and 21 pounds.*

Training one on one with a certified trainer in an individually designed program to help us meet our specific goals has been a perfect solution for us.

Brian & Marjorie Acker 2/11


Jed McHargue

Huge Muscle Gains*

In Action

Jodi Swaine

Pack Success Story

My name is Jodi Swaine, I am married with 3 children (ages 8, 7, and 3). I work for Madeline, Luke, and Jake Swaine Inc and have been doing so for 8 years. (I'm a homemaker) I have always enjoyed exercise, so after getting the hang of parenting and getting on the right side of knee surgery, I was ready to get back to a daily routine.

The fact that Pack training NEVER gets easy. No matter what shape you are in, it is ALWAYS challenging and that is AWESOME!

The most amazing result I have achieved since coming to FT is my core strength and look. Everything seems to engage the core and I love that. I always thought that my belly fat looked like a "six pack" and now I actually can feel it and see the definition!*

It is empowering to set a goal and attain it. Cross one hurdle and then you want to cross another one. I love my Husband and my children dearly, but this "physical outlet/goal reaching" thing is all mine. I take pride in that!

Because you can be all things to everyone, but if you do not take sometime to be you, you will not be any good to anyone. Moderation, that's my mantra. Thanks FT/PACK for having me once a week with my sister Christy Crews! She looks AWESOME!!

Jody Swaine
Client since February 2012
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Leila Currance

Pack Success Story

Leila Currance

Pack Client Since April 2012


Patrick High

Former World Half Ironman Champion

"Many thanks again for your assistance in helping me to achieve my athletic goals. Fitness Together - Sebring has my highest recommendation for anyone who desires to achieve their own individual health and/or fitness goals." - Patrick High

Pack client Patrick High recently finished in First Place at the World Ironman 70.3 Championships held in Henderson Nevada. Patrick spends half the time training than most other world class triathletes. However, his training is focused and of very high quality. He indicated his Pack training has significantly developed his overall strength which contributed to his ability to overcome the intense heat (104 degrees) and mountainous course (both bike and run) in Nevada to win the World Championship. You want to become better overall athlete visit Fitness Together Sebring!*


Mike Lee

Inspirational Coach

My name is Mike Lee, I live in Lake Placid and I'm a teacher and Coach at Sebring High School. I came to Fitness Together because of an invitation from Matt Collar to the coaches at Sebring High school.

I can't narrow down the coolest/most unique aspect of FT/Pack training so here are my 3. 1.) The efficiency of the time spent. With Pack training, you never work only one muscle group or do only aerobic or anaerobic, you are always working several things at once. 2.) The variety of equipment/workouts allow for many different routines that never get stale or boring. 3.) Even with Pack training, you still get the close attention/supervision of a Personal Trainer.

The most amazing SPECIFIC result has to be improvement in overall strength, particularly core strength which has led to better performance in the sports in which I participate!

When I started this journey to get fit, I weighed 235 pounds. Today, I weigh 175 pounds.* It has taken several years to get here and most of the weight was lost before FT. However, the principles of FT have helped me get through several plateaus. I am more fit, more muscular, and leaner then i have EVER been. I wear size 34 pants, which are too big. (I think I still wear them because I can't believe the 34's are too big.)* I can run half marathons, and I can bench press 215. I can play basketball and volleyball and I can do triathlons and can do 60-70 push-ups straight!! Did I mention I am 51 years old.

FT because of its equipment, programs, accountability, trainers is the difference maker. It is the solution to the yo-yo cycle of lose/gain weight it's the solution to breaking through plateaus, and it's the best way to a permanent lasting lifetime commitment to fitness.

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Whitney Lee

College Athlete

My name is Whitney Lee. I just finished playing college basketball in May 2012. I visited Fitness Together for the first time during Christmas break my senior year because my Dad started working there and suggested I try it out. I currently teach middle school PE and coach basketball.

Pack training is tough for everyone, no matter the fitness level and it's tough for ever single time.

My endurance and explosiveness increased noticeably despite having gone through my college basketball training.

I came to FT right in the middle of basketball season when we were in the best physical condition. I showed up to FT thinking I would get a little workout in over break, but that Pack class kicked my behind! In Pack training you're held accountable because you working hard encourages others to go hard. You get to know people from all different walks of life by working out. The workout itself hits several different muscle groups at a time, resulting in greater benefits. It kicks your butt, but you walk, or sometimes hobble out of there with a sense of accomplishment knowing you just improved your overall fitness and didn't waste your time.

In Action

Allie Mann

Sport Specific Pack Athlete

My name is Allie Mann and I am a student at Sebring High School. I came to FT because my coach thought that it would be good for me and that I should try it out.

The coolest aspect of FT/Pack training is you are always working something different. There isn't a set format. The workout is different every time.

The most amazing specific result that I have noticed is becoming stronger on the basketball court. I have felt myself become faster and stronger in all of my sports that I am in. I'm way more explosive and my reaction time has become noticeably faster.*

FT is a fun way to get in shape. It's not like your everyday workout. It works different muscles that a body may not be used to. It will help you become stronger and faster. FT also has the best trainers and they know how to work with you and keep you accountable!

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Dr. Patrice Holman

Weight loss goals becoming a REALITY!!*

Since Dr. Holman has been with us, she has dropped 23 pounds, lost 23.4 total inches and dropped 10% body fat!* Keep up the hard work...we're proud of you!!

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Dr. Willie Corredera